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US families of Sandy Hook massacre victims sue gunmaker

NEW YORK – Families of victims in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre filed a U.S. lawsuit Monday seeking damages from the manufacturers of the high-powered assault rifle used in the slaughter.

The lawsuit was lodged a day after the two-year anniversary of the horrific shooting that claimed the lives of 26 people, among them 20 young children.

The suit aims to hold the makers of the deadly AR-15, Bushmaster, liable for wrongful death and negligence.

It says 20-year-old killer Adam Lanza would never have been able to carry out his 264-second attack if he had not had access to a high-capacity weapon which had been “specifically engineered” for the United State military for use in combat.

“The number of lives lost in those 264 seconds was made possible by the shooter’s weapon of choice: a Bushmaster AR-15 Rifle, model XM15-E2S,” the lawsuit alleged.

“The AR-15 was specifically engineered for the United States military to meet the needs of changing warfare,” said attorney Josh Koskoff, representing the families.

“One of the Army’s specifications for the AR-15 was that it has the capability to penetrate a steel helmet. This weapon was not designed for home defense or hunting.

“This weapon was designed to efficiently kill other human beings in combat.”

A Bushmaster XM15-E2S that was found at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, is pictured in an evidence photo released by the Connecticut State Police, on Dec. 27, 2013.

Connecticut State Police/Handout/WikiMedia Commons

Nine families who lost a child or an adult during Lanza’s rampage at Newtown on December 14, 2012 have joined the lawsuit. Natalie Hammond, a teacher who was shot but survived the assault, has also joined the case.

Sandy Hook, which took place just before Christmas and whose victims were mostly children aged between 6 and 7, shocked the world and reignited a national debate in the U.S. about gun control.

However, moves to introduce a modest tightening of gun control laws foundered in Congress despite overwhelming public support.

The suit lodged on Monday also seeks damages from Camfour, an arms distributor based in Massachusetts, and Riverview Gun Sales, the Connecticut shop where Lanza’s mother bought the weapon used in the attack in March 2010.

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Frank Castle

Oh, this overwhelming public support for tightening the gun control laws is a sham too. The Media frames the argument emotionally and can’t even talk about the issue factually. More and more states are allowing Concealed and Open Carry and due to the increase in gun ownership and carry outside the home, violent crime rates are falling. A large majority of gun deaths are gang related so the law abiding citizen isn’t the problem.

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Frank Castle

It would make more sense to sue the local school district for their lack of proper security. Look at Pakistan and the school massacre there. Who should you sue for that? The Government of Pakistan?

Look, whether a crazed barbarian with a machete, a nut with a nail gun, a crazy with an acid bomb, bad things can happen. Banning or suing a manufacturer of a specific type of gun or other tool, is not going to accomplish anything. This lawsuit will ultimately lose. It should too.

I own guns, several actually, and don’t ever plan on using them to hurt someone EXCEPT to defend my life or family. Criminals will never suffer if guns are outlawed because they already use them illegally. Lawsuits like this won’t make it better.

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Dan Gibson

Absolutely == positively — without a doubt — lead on by some ”attorney” who told them they could get a lot of money from this gun manufacturer –and — make some sort of ”statement” while they are at it — sue GM — Ford — etc etc for all of the accidents the ”cars” caused —

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