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Singing animals will 'save the Americans' (and the Canadians) in a new Costa Rica tourism ad campaign

The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) on Thursday presented a new advertising campaign to draw tourists from the U.S. and Canada starting on Dec. 17.

The campaign’s messages were developed around the concepts “Save the Americans” and “Save the Canadians.” It hopes to attract a segment of overworked and overstressed people who “increasingly are refusing to take time off and relax,” according to research by 22squared, the advertising agency that designed the campaign. It will air through January 2016.

The agency’s executive vice president, Andrew Jones, said the messages seek to position Costa Rica as the most environmentally friendly destination on the planet for vacations.

ICT will spend $3.3 million on the airing of the campaign, of which 85 percent will be invested in the U.S. and 15 percent in Canada. It includes ads in print media, TV, theaters, outdoors, the Internet and social media. The target market consists of experienced travelers committed to sustainability and with high income and education levels, ICT General Manager Alberto López said at the presentation.

The TV spot was filmed and produced in Costa Rica, with local production staff and with the Costa Rican vocal group MasterKey interpreting a singing sloth, a bird, a turtle, a scarlet macaw and a howler monkey.

On the Web, the agency will post banners on several key sites and will launch on Dec. 17 and Both will offer tourism information for planning travel according to particular interests, such as adventure, culture and nature.

They also will display over 30 promotional videos from the most popular attractions at several locations as well as detailed information on recreational options in each one.

Innovative elements will be part of the campaign with the exhibit on Jan. 8 of a sand sculpture portraying the singing animals. It will be located next to the famous Wall Street Charging Bull sculpture in New York.

“The montage will symbolize the rescue of overworked Americans,” the ICT’s López said.

Messages also will be placed on billboards in subways and on streets. Pictures of sloths dangling outside buildings also will be hung, with the aim of directly targeting an audience “trapped” in their offices. In Toronto, public displays will include the projection of videos on buildings in high-traffic areas at night.

ICT Marketing Manager Alejandro Castro said that all of the campaign’s strategies seek to captivate the attention of large audiences in a unique way, generate reaction, and, of course, draw tourists to Costa Rica.

Tourism Minister Wilhelm von Breymann said the board’s main goal is to reach the country’s primary tourism markets (U.S. and Canada) “with a strong message telling them that they will find in Costa Rica the way out of their overwhelming routines.”

Arrivals at all of the country’s international airports in the first nine months this year totaled 967,851, and 80 percent of them came from the U.S. Roughly 13 percent came from Canada, the ICT reported.

Watch the full version of the ICT spot that soon will be airing in the U.S. and Canada:

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The video production is first rate, upbeat and gets the message across well. Much better than before. I like it.

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Matthew Frederick

Finally a commercial done with true professionals, most commercials for CR seem like they were filmed with someone’s cell phone and with out any practice, AWESOME job!

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Carol Burger Stevens

Can’t stop watching it. It just keeps me giggling. I luv all the animals. Sooooo good

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Carol Burger Stevens

This was awesome, lov, lov lov it. Can’t wait for my trip to c.r

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Andres Chavarria Miranda

Great campaign! Nice reminder for us urban Costa Ricans of the beauty we have outside the Central Valley

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Juan Carlos Stafford González

Singing animals will ‘save the Americans’ (and the Canadians) in a new Costa Rica tourism ad campaign

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Love this video. Great concept., concrete jungle versus the natural jungle. Worn out versus laid back. Using the iconic animals was brilliant., to me that reminds us back here in North America the amazing creatures Costa Rica has to offer. A warm fuzzy Jaques Cousteau – Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom…memories of what we before only saw as youngsters on tv. It makes you want to pick up – pack your bags and step back into time. I predict this to be a successful campaign!

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Some tourist may feel victims of a bait and switch scheme when they discover Ticos don’t separate/recycle their trash in this “most eco-friendly tourist destination”!

Costa Rica needs to clean up its act (and process its sewage) if it wants to avoid being found out.

Great video, by the way!

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Think, though, about how often things are re-used here. At least in the campo, so many items used in construction for buildings, homes, and gardens are not bought new. Repurposing is practically an art form! In the reduce, reuse, recycle plan, Costa Rica is better than most at two and coming along on the third.

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Matthew Frederick

You are aware in North America most thing that get recycled end up in land fills anyways? You are also aware most thing American’s recycle take MORE to recycle then create new, that includes waste, fuel and chemicals to clean them…..

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David Boddiger

Thanks for the comment!

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