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Costa Rica seeks Nobel Peace Prize for abolishing its army

On Monday, the Legislative Assembly passed a motion to nominate Costa Rica and Japan for a Nobel Peace Prize for their decision to abolish their armies as permanent institutions, according to a lawmaker.

The bill was proposed by lawmaker Ottón Solís, co-founder of the governing Citizen Action Party, and accepted by the legislature.

“Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the people of Costa Rica and Japan would serve, first, to encourage these people to never eliminate the articles from their constitutions, and second, to encourage other countries, poor or rich, tropical or temperate, to abolish their armed forces,” Solís said.

To support the bill, a “pro-Nobel Peace Prize” commission will be convened with three lawmakers tasked with writing the appeals that will be presented in February to the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

“The motion’s approval should be a sign to the world about the force and endurance of the values of peace and the unequivocal promise to peacefully resolve Costa Rica’s conflicts despite some external threats,” read the approved motion.

Last Monday, Costa Rica celebrated its 66th anniversary of the abolition of its army after a brief civil war triggered by election fraud in 1948.

The decision taken by the victorious leader, three-time President José Figueres Ferrer, was the start of an accelerated economic and social modernization that raised Costa Rica’s indicators in health and education to some of the best in Latin America. Since ending the army, there has not been an interruption in the constitutional order.

Japan agreed to renounce its armed forces as of 1945, following the end of World War II.

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ironic that both countries vying for this price were motivated to relinquish their armies by the USA following their horrific aggresions – in Costa Rica the “army” that was a threat to its people was that of Figueres or the so called Legion del Caribe following the revolution- before the ’48 revolution Costs Rica’s army was a mere 300 force ceremonial guard armed with antiquated weapons and no armored equipment, air force or navy- the National Police had more weapons and manpower. The reality of the abolishion of the army was that the USA mandated Figures to get rid of his mercenaries or have San Jose occupied by the US Marines – Anyone today can access the correspondance from the USA embassy and washington to learn this info- For many years this nobel fairy tale of patriots abolishing the army has continued to resonate worldwide – I myself as a young Tico then fell for it and proudly told this story to many others for many years; its time for this fairy tale to unravel – the cold war is over and time for the CR government to stop using this fable to market CR as the poster child of ideal democratic latin nation -Not may people know about how the CR government being a member of OAS(mostly Figueres) allowed terrorist groups to train here to later cause havoc on their neighbors – The big bad Communist panic threat is gone (w/ exception of PRCHINA) and so has USA economic aid for that purpose-At the last census todays Costa Rican “army” is better equipped and trained than their 1948 ancestors – since ’48 the CR economy has survived bad times by handouts from the USA and other foreign powers not enjoyed by their neighbors – CR will continue to be an upstanding social member of its latest political community and wait for others w/ military / economic power to come to its rescue when needed-

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Mark Kahle

I agree with Donald. Just a tad bit self serving… and just a tad bit incorrect.

While there was a new Constitution produced as a result of the 1948 Civil Conflict and that document precludes Costa Rica from hiring, paying and housing an Army it did not negate the standing Army/Armed intervention by others if Costa Rica were to be invaded under the Rio Treaty which was signed in 1947. How very convenient.

It seems just a tad bit hypocritical to say we have no army yet have at the same time an agreement that if invaded foreigners will do the bleeding for us.

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Donald Waltz

Wow, want a cookie too? Good God to even nominate your own country is sad, very sad indeed

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