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Guess who tops US searches for 'most popular vacation destinations' on Bing...

Microsoft’s search engine Bing on Monday released its annual list of search trends for 2014, and Costa Rica tops the list for “most popular vacation destination among US holidaymakers.

The company launched the listing at Bing Trends 2014, a site that takes a look back at some of the most popular Bing web searches from around the world over the past year. The site lists the top 10 searches for a variety of categories, including favorite vacation destinations.

Tropical destinations took six of the top spots, with Costa Rica beating other world-famous tourist attractions such as Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Panama and Aruba.

The full list of the top 10 most popular search terms among U.S. Bing users in the category of vacation destinations for 2014 is:

1. Costa Rica

2. Hawaii

3. Puerto Rico

4. London

5. Jamaica

6. Paris

7. Lake Tahoe

8. Panama

9. Aruba

10. Amsterdam

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All the warm places I totally get. But what’s up with London and Amsterdam. I mean you can’t even ski in those places–can you?

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