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Teaser trailer heralds 'Jurassic' sequel

It’s been 13 years since anybody visited Isla Nublar to take a whirlwind dinosaur tour. The last time a local T. rex snacked on human flesh was “Jurassic Park III,” a remarkably well-received sequel to the Michael Crichton-Steven Spielberg franchise, although most dinosaur buffs expected that to be the end of it. Truly diehard fans held out for another chapter, as unlikely as that seemed. But Hollywood never seemed satisfied with any scripts. After all, the first “Jurassic Park” was released more than decades ago.

Then this happened:

Understand that this is just a teaser trailer for “Jurassic World,” a movie slated to be released in June 2015. The real trailer will air during the Thanksgiving Day football games.

The fourth installment of the “Jurassic Park” science fiction series has weathered a lot of creative clashes over the years, but Legendary Pictures and Amblin Entertainment finally settled on indie wunderkind Colin Trevorrow to direct the picture. Hard to say how “Jurassic World” could possibly top Sam Neill speaking a raptor language with a prehistoric throat bone, but the movie is likely to be seen by nearly everyone on earth.

The franchise has a fairly well-known Costa Rica connection: “Jurassic Park” author Michael Crichton found inspiration in Isla del Coco, the nation’s remote Pacific island and the basis for Isla Nublar. Parts of the first movie are set in Costa Rica, although most of the film was shot in Hawaii.

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Robert Isenberg

Not picky at all. Leave it to Hollywood to represent a region in unrecognizable ways. Although San José might benefit from some oceanfront… that’s this Gringan’s perspective, anyway :)

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John McPhaul

Yeah, But Crichton called Costa Ricans “Ticans” and had the Tican Air Force involved. And Speilberg had San Jose a beach town. Am I being picky?

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