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Central America hopes to draw more European tourists during regional travel fair in Costa Rica

A total of 180 Central American tourism businesses are offering products and services to 108 wholesalers from Europe at the XI edition of the Central America Travel Market (CATM), held Thursday and Friday in Costa Rica.

The event brings together tourism ministers and officials from the region and members of international specialized media at the Pedregal Center in Belén, Heredia, north of the capital.

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT), fair participants include hotels, car rentals and tour operators, among others.

“As country host, we hope that everyone attending this event will experience our sustainable tourism model that differentiates us from the rest of the world,” said Costa Rica’s Tourism Minister Wilhelm von Breymann at an opening ceremony on Thursday morning.

ICT officials hope the event will help the tourism sector in the region, which according to the World Tourism Organization reported a 6 percent increase in international tourist arrivals for the first half of this year.

“European tourists account for some 10 percent of the total arrival of tourists to Central America, and CATM represents a big opportunity to attract more visitors of a market that in 2013 moved some 566 million travelers worldwide, or 52.1 percent of the tourism market share,” Costa Rica’s National Tourism Chamber President Pablo Heriberto Abarca said.

Costa Rican officials organized parallel activities for wholesalers and international media, including trips to some of the most popular tourist destinations across the country. Those trips included the Southern Caribbean, Tortuguero, Monteverde, the Northern Zone, beaches at Guanacaste and the South Pacific and several locations in the Central Valley.

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Robert Moon

Good to see that such measures are being taken to get more out from the tourism sector, a lot of Countries these days just don’t pay much attention to tourism even though it is the only thing that can boost an economy of a Country even though if its not rich in resources. Still a lot more effort is needed to drive more tourists. Events such as these can really be big turnovers if planned properly.


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Magic really prevails when various brilliant minds sit in the same place, I was just watching a similar arrangement at, held by the Ghanaian government and this really led to a lot solutions for the government of Ghana, I always believe that two minds are always better than one and when so many minds meet at one platform then something classy is bound to happen, keep arranging such events.

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Jacob Sam

Every Industry should focus on these sorts of events. I strongly believe that without these sorts of events your industry just can’t progress, if all the brilliant minds are present at one place than some genius strategies are bound to be discussed and new strategies can also be found. You can ask the things you are trying out and ask others about what they are following that can really give us an insight on how everyone else related to the industry is revolving around and going about his work.

Jacob Sam Manager At- – –

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Paul Cena

Well it’s very heartwarming to see such events taking place in the travel industry, it’s also great to see that Costa Rican’s are playing a big role in this event. I hope in future more of these sorts of events are organized. These events will really give the travel industry new ideas and innovations.

Paul From:

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