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Inept criminals sentenced to prison for attempting to steal a truck they couldn't drive

These two criminals could have taken some advice from the old saying, don’t bite off more than you can chew. A man identified with the surname Zelaya (or Zeleya, in different police statements) and another surnamed Reyes were sentenced to six and fours years in prison, respectively, for stealing a truck they couldn’t drive, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry onWednesday.

On Sept. 12, police on Rohrmoser Boulevard in western San José said they heard the grinding sound of someone who didn’t know how to start a truck, according to a statement last month from the ministry. When cops approached the vehicle, they recognized Zelaya behind the wheel, who was known to police for having committed several robberies in Pavas. He also had two outstanding warrants and no driver’s license when police arrested him red-handed. Later that day, police captured Zelaya’s accomplice, Reyes, who also had priors for robbery. Both were remanded to a flagrancy court in Pavas.

The driver of the targeted truck told police, “That man definitely did not know how to drive, and I have no idea how it occurred to him to steal my truck, because he wouldn’t have moved a meter.”

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Gotta love these kinds of stories…dumb crooks. I AM impressed with the CR justice system in this case. Crime happened on Sept. 12 and they have “already” been tried and sentenced!!

If this had happened in the USA, they would be back out on the street the day of the crime after family members posted 10% of their court ordered bond. Their case would not have been tried for four to six months. LaRaza would have screamed racism and discrimination in the media, and their LaRaza funded ACLU attorney would have filed EEOC charges against the truck owner and the police department. Moreover, their court appointed (free attorney) would have claimed they were just looking at the truck and not trying to steal it. And a liberal judge would have probably ruled in their favor given the media attention while asserting that it was all just a misunderstanding….and the truck owner and police would have settled out of court for a couple hundred thousand dollars just to get the EEOC suit to go away. CR is looking more attractive to me all the time!!! LOLOL

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