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200-kilo crocodile snagged on the streets of Quepos

The central Pacific town of Quepos near Manuel Antonio National Park had an unwelcome tourist over the weekend.

The sight of a 200-kilogram (440-pound) crocodile waddling through the streets of Quepos on Friday sent children and visitors running, according to a statement from Costa Rica’s Public Security Ministry. Authorities said the 2.5-meter-long reptile climbed onshore from a nearby estuary and strolled the streets before police, firefighters and locals wrangled the animal onto a truck. The croc was released into the wild under the supervision of the National System of Conservation Areas.

The crocodile appeared more curious than anything about its neighbors in the fishing and tourist town. Police said no injuries were reported.

Last week, police had to relocate a 300-kg crocodile from Playa Claritas, south of Jacó.

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