San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Presidents Obama, Solís meet in New York

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Glad they are cordial; better that than blind friendship or always negative animosity.

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Matthew Frederick

Obama could of at least pretended to be human and at least put his hand near or respectfully on Solis wife back…

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Aren’t you a petty troll. You shoulda kept your mouth shut just in case someone black sneaks up on you and says boo.
As prez he has had to spend all his presidency cleaning up republican military and fiscal mess with zero help from the senate scum bigots that waste everyone’s tax dollar with their racist stance of do nothing in effort to cripple Obama admin. even to the extent of destroying the country.
You and your ilk are not just part of America’s problem You and your ilk are what is wrong with the USA.
So hide in CR and keep flicking snot. Better than returning to the US and being a visible bigot