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Costa Rica's police capture four men suspected of killing green sea turtles

Police arrested four men Thursday for the suspected killing of two green sea turtles on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

The men, surnamed Castellón, Picado, Peña and Ballestero, and the dead turtles were found on a boat near the northern border patrol station of Agua Dulce in Colorado de Pococí. Two of the men, Peña and Ballestero, had previous drug charges. The suspects were transferred to a local flagrance court where they were be charged with violating Costa Rica’s wildlife law.

Despite being endangered and protected, the green sea turtle is often killed in Costa Rica for its meat and eggs.

Four men were arrested on Thursday, suspected of killing two green sea turtles.

(Courtesy of the Public Security Ministry)

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Dan Gibson

I wonder if the Costa Rican authorities ever noticed — never ever has there been an American or European involved in the ”stealing of turtle eggs nor the killing of the turtles”!!! Now — as the turtles come on shore to lay their eggs in the night — you see flashlights up and down the beach — you would think – ”tourists” wanting to see the turtles laying their eggs — ”not” — the flashlights are held by the Ticos (Costa Rican men) tracking the turtles and stealing the eggs —

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