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Animal cruelty

Police seize 62 horses imported from Nicaragua likely for human consumption

Police over the weekend confiscated 62 horses and four mules illegally transported form Nicaragua by a Costa Rican, during patrols 15 kilometers from the Nicaraguan border in Pocosol de San Carlos.

Costa Rican cops seized all 66 animals due to their poor health. Some of the horses had open wounds, bruises and fleas, while others had intestinal worms. Each of the animals appeared as though it had not been properly fed. Police turned the animals over to the National Animal Health Service.

Authorities arrested a Costa Rican man with the last name Artavia and transferred him to a court in San Carlos. The police report states that the horses likely were destined for human consumption.

Human consumption of horse meat is legal in Costa Rica, but regulated.


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Shane Destry

well Costa Rica must be more morally evolved than the United States regarding the humane treatment of horses ! Here a man is arrested for cruel neglect of horses and attempting to smuggle them in for slaughter for human consumption. In the United States we have an entire federal agency called the Bureau Of Land Management which routinely allows wild horses to die from lack of water, food and allows them to suffer
in summer without shade and in winter without shelter. Nor is it a crime -yet- to smuggle horses into Mexico and Canada for slaughter for human consumption despite the cruelty of the transport and the proven risk to human health in exporting animals for food which were not raised for slaughter and therefore contain substances lethal to human beings and known carcinogens.

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