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Police arrest US man allegedly carrying pot brownies through Juan Santamaría Int'l Airport

Police officers arrested a U.S. citizen on drug charges at the Juan Santamaría International Airport when they discovered a package inside his luggage containing marijuana brownies.

A K-9 unit dog detected the special brownies inside a backpack belonging to the 58-year-old man, according to a press release from the Public Security Ministry. The release said the man’s last name was Salladay, and he’s also a Costa Rica resident.

Dogs found the drugs while performing routine luggage inspections on two local flights arriving from the provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas.

Costa Rica’s Air Surveillance Service seized the brownies after tests confirmed they contained some 365 grams of marijuana.

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Why is it that every article in regards to marijuana is incorrect? Is it OIJ fudging the story or is it being screwed up by careless journalism? Are we really suppose to believe that the brownies contained over 3/4 lb of pot, like the article says?

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William R EL

They probably put all the brownies on the scale and they will gave him a sentence based on the weight of the brownies . You have to be nut to carry that to the airport!! heheheh

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