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VIDEO: U.S. street artist combines social media and art with Costa Rica mural

What do pen-and-ink drawings and Instagram hashtags have in common? Colorado-based street artist Kelsey Montague.

After working as a social media strategist in New York, Montague merged her love of social media with her passion for drawing by creating an interactive street art project. She started by painting a pair of angel wings in New York along with the hashtag #whatliftsyou. Visitors to the mural were encouraged to interact with the piece and post photos to Instagram accompanied by the hashtag. There are now more than 3,000 photos posted on Instagram with the hashtag and another mural in Colorado. Even celebrities Taylor Swift and Vanessa Hudgens have joined in.

Speechless right now and so incredibly thankful. Thank you to everyone for the support...and to @taylorswift for posting this pic and supporting my art. I have no words. Taylor I respected you before as an artist, a woman, a female entrepreneur, a musician and an actress but now I also see your heart. Thank you to everyone for interacting with the wings and thus giving me wings as well. Xx #whatliftsyou #nowords #sodeeplythankful 

<a href=Love this photo @vanessahudgens just took in front of the angel wings! --- Sometimes all it takes is one person to see your wings in order for you to fly.

Costa Rica got a pair of wings over the weekend, for Montague’s #whatliftsyou international debut  at the Hotel Milvia in San Pedro, San José. A few Instagrams from Costa Rica have already started to pop up.

The most amazing week spent with the most amazing people! First crack at @kelseymontagueart  wings in COSTA RICA! So proud and grateful to have met you and been apart of your creation! #whatliftsyou #love #travel #costarica #bethechange #wanderlust #art #streetart

GOOD Travel lifts me :)#whatliftsyou #puravida #costarica @good_travel

Even the U.S. Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires, Gonzalo Gallegos, showed up for a shot with the mural. 

The U.S. Embassy’s Chargé d’Affaires Gonzalo Gallegos stands with artist Kelsey Montague at her #whatliftsyou mural in San Pedro.

Lindsay Fendt/The Tico Times

You can find more of Montague’s work on her Instagram page @kelseymontagueart. Here are some of her Instagrams from her trip to Costa Rica.

The taste of Costa Rica #puravida #imperialbeer

Hitching a ride to Costa Rica. Can't wait to explore this country (and make some art) 

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Kim Fisher

COLETTE MILLER Angel wings. way before you and you know this becasue i have posted on your facebook and you took it down

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Nicolas Bauer

LOL… “international debut” huh? Maybe Banksy / Swoon /FAILE should start including hashtags in their work as well…that’s REAL street, yo! #IwantToBeAFamousArtistToo #GoBackToColorado

2 0
Courtney Montague

gotta repeat what was just said on Facebook ‘yo.’ God forbid a new artist creates a new way of using their gift to reach a wider audience and spread a positive message. I am sure Banksy isn’t using social media at all to spread his artistic message….. oh wait he is! huh. interesting. #doyourhomeworkbeforemakingignorantandmeancomments @banksy #banksy

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Kim Fisher

I have written to both you and Kelsey. Kelsey took down Colette Millers work when I mentioned she has been doing interactive angel wings and is known for it. ripping off or not acknowledging art is really low class in my opinion . Please have some honesty or respect

1 0
Kim Fisher

Colette Miller Angel wings and they have been around on the street/ interactive BEFORE this your sisters stuff. At least give credit to the original. Colette Milelr

2 1
Courtney Montague

Hi ‘Kim Fisher’

I think Kelsey probably blocked you because you’ve been stalking her all over the internet and leaving hateful comments.

Kelsey didn’t rip anyone off. She acknowledged Collette and the 9 other artists doing angel wings on her Facebook.

The two pieces of art are completely different. I don’t understand why you feel that artists shouldn’t work in the same genre?

I am sure Kelsey would welcome the opportunity to work with Collette and any other artists. Artists should support other artists… not tear them down.

0 0
Kim Fisher

actually, that is not true ‘courtney montague’ i posted on kelseys page about colette millers work and she took it down. she then proceeded to take a screen shot of street wings without INCLUDING colette millers prominent presence at the top of the page. i know, because I looked to see where the screen shot was gotten. in stead kelsey scrolled down so other less famous work was in the screenshot; and she DID NOT mention colette miller- or her interactive conecept – or her work she has been doing for years and is known for. . my point being is the representation of the ‘screen shot’ was manipulated. please tell the truth. and the only reason the has come up is because kelsey took Colette Millers work down and Miller fully deserves the recognition she has gotten and is getting.

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Michael Lee

Ms. Montague, I loved your mural, its the first time I see this concept of interactive art, and I think it has a lot of potential in Costa Rica because the ticos love art and social media. Thanks a lot for visiting Costa Rica.

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Kim Fisher

the ‘artist ‘ above took colette millers idea

i know this because I wrote kelsey above . Colette Millers work is sensational and she has been doing this for years

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