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Israel spied on Kerry during peace talks

BERLIN – Israel eavesdropped on U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry during doomed peace talks with the Palestinians last year, the German news weekly Der Spiegel reported Sunday.

The article said the Israelis and at least one other secret service listened in on Kerry’s conversations as he tried to mediate, in a development that Der Spiegel said was likely to further strain ties between Israel and the United States.

Kerry regularly spoke by telephone with high-ranking officials throughout the Middle East during the negotiations that finally collapsed earlier this year.

Spiegel, which cited “several sources among secret services,” said that he used not only secure lines but also normal telephones with satellite connections which were vulnerable to tapping.

“The government in Jerusalem used this information in the negotiations on a diplomatic solution in the Middle East,” it said.

Spiegel said Kerry’s office and the Israeli government declined to comment on its report.

Kerry made reviving Middle East diplomacy a central priority at the start of his term and coaxed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas back to the negotiating table in July 2013.

But in April this year, Israel made a surprise announcement of plans for 700 new settlements and refused to free a last batch of Palestinian prisoners after earlier releases. Abbas in turn sought Palestinian membership in 15 U.N. conventions and the peace drive eventually broke down.

Kerry has attempted to mediate during the current Israeli military offensive in Gaza and flew to Israel last week.

But he has failed to bring about a lasting truce in the 26-day confrontation that has claimed more than 1,700 lives.

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Pilar Saavedra-Vela

I want to alert the author of this article that Der Spiegel is the name of a newspaper in Germany, not of someone whose first name is Der. Therefore, it is not appropriate to write that “Spiegel said… ” but rather the whole name, Der Spiegel, must be used in citing their information. As for the spying, well, as another commentator said, the US “reaps what it sows.”

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Three billion in military WELFARE, an extra $225 million in iron dome WELFARE, slammed by governmental spokespersons in the media. Acting Exactly Like the Scourge.
When it comes to Israel, Nixon was right.

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Danny Lee Gibson

If you were representing the people of Israel — and the idiot Mr. Heinz Kerry was ”brokering a peace deal” — with an enemy which has sworn annihilation for your total race — what would you do?

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Daniel Daves

Now Kerry knows a little bit about how the world feels when NSA collects every piece of data and spies on the world.

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Spying is as old as Jesus.

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