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Costa Rica expresses outrage to Israeli ambassador over Gaza violence

Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González met with Israeli Ambassador Avraham Haddad at the Casa Amarilla Wednesday afternoon to express outrage at ongoing violence in Gaza and its devastating toll on civilians. He urged the Israeli diplomat to push for an immediate ceasefire. The Foreign Ministry also said its ambassador to Israel would briefly return to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica’s top diplomat expressed the country’s desire for an immediate ceasefire in the 24-day conflict that has claimed over 1,300 Palestinian lives – most of them civilians – and more than 50 Israelis. The ministry also condemned the ongoing rocket attacks by Hamas.

President Luis Guillermo Solís joined United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Wednesday morning in urging an end to the violence and offered Costa Rica’s support to any international effort to curb the conflict as it enters its fourth week.

González said Wednesday that Costa Rica has not ruled out any options to express its disapproval and concern over the violence in Gaza.

The Foreign Ministry released a statement Wednesday evening reporting that Costa Rica’s ambassador to Israel in Tel Aviv, Rodrigo Carreras, would return to San José. The ministry stressed that Carreras’ trip to Costa Rica was not for consultation because of the conflict. His time in the country would be for personal reasons, the statement added. Several other Latin American countries, including Brazil, Chile, Peru and El Salvador, have withdrawn their ambassadors for consultation because of the crisis. Carrera will stay in Costa Rica until Aug. 14 on vacation, according to the statement.

The diplomats also reportedly discussed Israel’s decision to push back Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s visit to Costa Rica, which was originally scheduled for July. The ministry said that the decision to change the date happened before the recent outbreak of violence in Gaza.

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Israel has the military capability of obliterating every man, woman, and child in Gaza, and surrounding Arab countries for that matter. They obviously have been extremely restrained as they attempt to defeat an enemy that even many Arab regimes are united against.

Furthermore, the only reason why thousands of Israelis are not dead is because they prepared for the rocket attacks by implementing the Iron Dome interception system and making sure their citizens had bomb shelters to hunker down in as soon as the sirens sound.

So for taking these measures to protect it’s citizens from the thousands of rockets that have been fired, Israel is the bad guy?

If you want to learn more about why Israel has much more in common with the purported values of Costa Rica than Hamas does, check out what this guy has to say:

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The UN sanctioned GPS ordinance located school ‘safe house’ with women and children were not homas. But, the bombing just promotes recruits for those scourge.

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Scenic Costa Rica

Do you think maybe Israel should not interject itself into disputes with Nicaragua? Clearly it does not have enough information to interject itself into what could be an existential question for Costa Rica. Costa Rica: Should you let Israel exist without fear of rocket attacks, kidnappings, suicide bombers against an organization that has pledged itself to Israel’s annihilation?

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Certainly by current and past practice, everyone knows what Israel’s advice would be; following their action it would be bomb the city. Target the schools and hospitals. A high child count may weaken their resolve to be free! Or something to that effect.

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World vs Israel. Protests all around the world. #FreePalestine #ICC4Israel v @WeSupportGaza”

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Danny Lee Gibson

If Nicaragua were firing rockets day in and day out — over into Costa Rica –and swore to annihilate every Costa Rican — well then I would imagine the good political leaders and the upstanding citizens of Costa Rica would — ”embrace their enemy” — !!!

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Sam Kinison

It’s a shame that Hamas does not have an ambassador so that outrage can be expressed for firing rockets and building terror tunnels then using women and children as human shields.The use of human shields is considered a war crime.

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So is targeting civilians

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Marvelous Marv

So is bombing your own and blaming the Israelis.

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