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Tourism officials approve first licenses for use of country brand ‘Essential Costa Rica’

The Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) on Thursday confirmed approval of the first applications for the use by tourism businesses of the country’s brand, “Essential Costa Rica,” in advertising, corporate communications and promotional events.

The first group of 17 companies includes hotels, car rental agencies, travel agencies and tours operators who now are authorized to use the brand’s graphic elements to promote businesses, both in Costa Rica and abroad.

“We are confident that a well-positioned and managed country brand will help promote economic and social growth of the tourism industry,” ICT’s Marketing Director Alejandro Castro said.

The companies obtained the licenses by complying with requirements in a process that began on April 21, following approval of regulations for the brand use. The country brand concept was presented by tourism officials last September.

A license authorizes use of the country brand on websites, email signatures, printed stationary, offices, vehicles and mass advertising in printed media, radio and TV.

Business owners interested in applying for a license can download an application form and licensing regulations at the ICT’s website. Documents are available in Spanish only, but bilingual staff is available at the ICT.

For more information, contact ICT’s Marketing Department at: (506)2299-5800 ext. 5746 or 5771 or by email:

Contact L. Arias at

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Mark Kahle

I find it odd that anyone in the auto industry… the largest source of air pollution in CR and the biggest impediment to becoming carbon neutral… could be on the list of companies accepted for use of this symbol… I guess money talks louder than actual conviction and dedication to the cause.

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Danny Lee Gibson

So do you think this ”Essential” program will replace the 2000 jobs that just left Costa Rica? Perhaps if the tourism board put up a booth at the airport and interviewed the persons ”leaving” Costa Rica — they would get a lot better idea of ”why they are not coming back”!!!!

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