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US company to hire 200 bilingual employees for Costa Rica operations

Florida-based The Results Companies is recruiting bilingual staff to fill 200 jobs at its call center in the province of Heredia.

The company, which launched operations in Costa Rica in January, is looking for high school graduates with an English proficiency of at least 80 percent and who are willing to work different shifts.

Human resources staff will be interviewing candidates at their facilities in the America Free Zone in Heredia for posts in sales and customer service.

Those interested can request an appointment by phone from Monday to Friday at: 2239-0585. Applicants also can send résumés in English to or visit the company’s website,

Costa Rica’s director of operations, Christopher Fernández, said the company has over 20 years experience in the global market and stressed that they offer growth opportunities.

“Currently 75 percent of management posts in our company are filled with people who started as call center agents and grew with us,” he said.

The Results Companies currently has over 7,500 employees in 15 locations in the United States, the Philippines and Latin America.

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Danny Lee Gibson

Costa Rica is basically going backwards fast — Costa Rican families virtually cannot afford to live in their own country — however — the politicians and upper class seem to be doing ”just fine”!! When you lose over 2000 jobs — primarily due to the employee ”don’t give a darn attitude” — and the laws restricting the employers — and attempt to replace them with ”200” low paying — dead end jobs — that is not progress —-

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Teresa Grocki

I once worked in the America Free Zone and I have to say as an American, it was SO difficult to keep up with the volume of work they wanted from me, every day I had to do hundreds more and hundreds more until I couldn’t type anymore! My job was to take information off those little post cards you get with your hair blowers and toasters and put it into a formatted screen; now I type quickly but let me say…I was SO relieved when finally they said “apparently there is a problem with your migratory status & we must let you go”…that I never looked back; every Tico working there was silent – every night for the month I worked there…it was MISERABLE! No one made friends; it was like everyone was competing to beat the other guy in speed! I don’t wonder why their attitudes are as you say…I saw it…oh! besides that…you know what I got paid for a month?? $75US…crap pay for a crap job…

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