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Sheena the sloth predicts the 2014 World Cup winner

With the death of Paul – the “psychic” octopus who correctly predicted all six of Germany’s 2010 World Cup games and the tournament final between the Netherlands and Spain — sports fans all over the world have been scrambling to find another clairvoyant creature to take his place.

An elephant, a python and baby pandas have all stepped forward to fill Paul’s shoes. But after Sassy the Cockatoo incorrectly picked Costa Rica as the winner in their quarterfinal match against the Netherlands, it is clear a new animal is needed. With La Sele’s historic run in the World Cup, we at The Tico Times believe the animal mystic should come from Costa Rica.

We teamed up with the Springs Resort & Spa in Arenal to help us find the perfect oracle, and after a thorough search of the resort’s rescue animals, it became clear that the only animal with the slow, deliberate thinking required for this important task is the sloth.

Watch Sheena the sloth as she makes her prediction for who will win the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina, at Estadio do Maracana in Rio De Janeiro. Game time is 1 p.m. (Costa Rica time).


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Susanne Büchner

Good girl Sheena!

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Isaac Campos

Haha really enjoyed this, Sheena is a cute sloth. Where can I get the image of sloth Kong in the finals?

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Sean Davis

This whole ad campaign is just kinda awkward in the way that watching Dolly Parton rap would be awkward.

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David Boddiger

Well, let’s find out. Straight outta the “Ville.”

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Sean Davis

That was amazing David, you made one of my dreams come true. Now please find me a video of midget nuns dancing Thriller and I will kick my nasty crack habit once and for all.

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