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Watch this awesome video compilation showing fans reacting to Costa Rica's win over Greece

Get ready to feel goosebumps. YouTube user OakCreekTV put together this excellent compilation of fans watching Costa Rica’s thrilling penalty kicks victory over Greece in the World Cup on Sunday.

The video captures all the anxiety and excitement of the match — and the celebrations after Michael Umaña knocked in the game-winning penalty (though we would’ve liked a better angle on that shot). The clip integrates a dramatic soundtrack to enhance the production. The video already has more than 100,000 views, and even La Sele captain Bryan Ruiz has given the cut his approval.


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Roger Arias

That’s quite a video you have post in here. I remember that day and it was like I’ve never seen before in Costa Rica. In the future people will compare this moment to the solar eclipse event back in 91. It was something our eyes could not explain or believe at first sight.

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Carrie La Londe Burrell

This is amazing national pride following the Costa Rica win over Greece.

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Gabrielle Hickey

Awesome Video!!. I live in the U.S. it helps to feel it a little how it was watched and celebrated back home. Thanks. Pura Vida!.

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