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US Secretary of State Kerry urges Central America cooperation on child migrants

PANAMA CITY – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reiterated Tuesday Washington’s calls for Central American cooperation in addressing the plight of tens of thousands of illegal child migrants making their way to the United States.

The rapid surge in unaccompanied children making the dangerous journey, most of them from Central America, has prompted U.S. officials to talk of a “humanitarian crisis” and to issue reminders the vast majority of the minors will be deported.

Kerry met with Salvadoran President Salvador Sánchez Cerén and Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina, plus Honduran Foreign Minister Mireya Aguero in Panama City.

“The lives of children cannot be put at risk in this way and we all have a responsibility as leaders to do our part in order to solve this problem, and we will,” Kerry said.

“We obviously understand people who want to be able to do better, to look for a better life. But at the same time, there are rules of law,” he added.

And he cautioned that “there is false information that is being spread about benefits that might be available to these young people who are looking for that better life.”

Kerry declined to say whether the United States would heed calls from Central America for U.S. authorities to focus on reunifying families whenever possible.

Central American authorities yesterday said they would ask Kerry to allow children immigrants to stay if their parents were already in the country.

Since October, 52,000 unaccompanied children aged under 17 have been detained crossing the border, twice the number from the same period a year ago.

U.S. President Barack Obama Monday lodged a request with Congress for $2 billion to cope with the tide of undocumented child immigrants.

The sudden flow has injected new venom into the debate between Obama and House Republicans over his calls for a sweeping reform of the U.S. immigration system.

“We understand this problem from all its dimensions and are willing to work together with the U.S. government to look for a quick and appropriate solution aimed at the problem not growing,” Guatemala’s Pérez Molina said.

El Salvador’s Sánchez Cerén, meanwhile, said that the problem stems from “people linked to crime” who “deceive parents that upon arrival in the United States, reunification will be a reality.”

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Enoch Brenes

I think a better title would be.. John Kerry Gave His Opinion, but NOBODY Asked Him

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SofS Kerry seems to think that these children are all economic refugees as he blathers on about ‘rule of law’.
The ‘rule of law’ are words that ring hollow when running from murderous gangs.
Instead of being led by the teabaggers, the Obama admin should be doing the leading.
All these children must be given due process by law as they are not from a neighbour state.

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ashok malhotra

Some of the statements of John Kerry are very sad such as ” “We obviously understand people who want to be able to do better, to look for a better life. But at the same time, there are rules of law,” he added. Does he not understand that many are escaping fear and drug violence as John Boehner has clearly written in hi letter to Obama.

Another statement by Kerry, “We obviously understand people who want to be able to do better, to look for a better life. But at the same time, there are rules of law,” he added.
No you do not understand Mr. Kerry . You do not even understand if it is a refugee situation or an immigrant one, therefore you do not even know what rule of law you are talking about. According to UNHCR most of these children are refugees.

and to issue reminders that most will be deported is to set an example for the rest of the world world that refugees shall be deported even while the situation that made them flee persists.

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Frank Castle

As an American, I respect other nations borders and immigration rules including Costa Rica and Panama.

I expect the same in my country of citizenship, the USA. Deport every illegal alien you can back to their country of origin. It’s not the USA’s job to take care of the world just like it’s not Costa Rica’s to take care of the illegals from her bordering neighbors.

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Enoch Brenes

Costa Rica should probably “Urge” Kerry to come pick up his geriatric immigrants. Try as you may to turn Costa Rica into florida.

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Those geriatric immigrants will spend more and leave more to their children during and after their retirement than you will make working your entire life in this third world country.

Jealous much? Pathetic racist communist pig. Quit blaming all your problems on the minority of North Americans living here. Why not point out the glaring 10% of your population that comes from Nicaragua, mostly illegal…? how about that

If you think your country is so great and all your problems come from gringos, how about you go walking through Limon province at night. That’d be one less idiot polluting this country with their presence.

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Enoch Brenes

If anybody thought this country was great its probably the old immigrant who came all the way from kanada to act like he know what hes talking about.

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‘Methinks thou doth protest too much’
Your petty rant of US superiority is what make the term gringo a slur.

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Enoch Brenes

If any Tico was wondering what Gringos thought of you, theres youre sighn.

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