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Keylor Navas

¡Grande Navas! Watch the save that sent Costa Rica to the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time

Keylor Navas sacrificed his body over and over again to keep the Ticos in the match. His steady resilience permitted La Sele to reach penalty kicks when the rest of the team looked exhausted and completely out of sorts. During penalty kicks, the 27-year-old goalkeeper made the greatest save of his life — giving Costa Rica a chance to go to the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time ever.

With Costa Rica leading 4-3 on penalties, Navas deflected away a shot by Theofanis Gekas. Then, Michael Umaña — with the weight of the country on his shoulders — smoothly knocked in the goal that eliminated Greece.

The Ticos surpass the feat of the 1990 Costa Rica squad that reached the quarterfinals of the World Cup in Italy. This La Sele team is officially the best team in the country’s history.

Costa Rica will attempt to continue its magical run in Brazil on July 5 against the Netherlands in Salvador.

Photos of fans watching the nail-biter from Costa Rica (Images by The Tico Times photographer Lindsay Fendt)

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La Sele best ever for Costa Rica, with Navas, the best keeper of 2014 World Cup
Also congrats to Lindsay Fendt, finding a Greek fan to foto in Costa Rica!

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Andy Snyder

As an American who will someday live in Costa Rica (my Mom lives their now, retired) , I want to congratulate all of Costa Rica on this wonderful day with the fine display of gutsy resolve to NOT stop winning. Navas, is an awesome WARRIOR on the field both during normal regulation and extended play. Then, he tops it off by blocking the one goal the Greeks had to have. All the players on La Sele NEVER gave up and displayed one of the best examples of NEVER GIVING UP I have ever seen. I watched this game on an ITV feed on the Internet and the announcers (all European) were so biased toward the Greeks it was sickening but the Ticos showed THEM!

I hope, someway, somehow, Costa Rica and the USA met later in this World Cup and if Costa Rica beat the USA, I wouldn’t be upset even though the USA team is my favorite.

PURAVIDA, COSTA RICA! My hats off to you and enjoy the fiesta this Domingo en la noche!

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