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25 photos from Costa Rica's all-night-long celebration after the Ticos beat Greece

Keylor Navas made the huge stop. Michael Umaña blasted in the all-important fifth penalty kick. And the incredible result set off a celebration throughout Costa Rica.

The country of 4.8 million had just stunned Greece 5-3 on penalties. La Sele reached the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time in its history. Costa Rica is among the eight best football teams in the world.

The Ticos will meet the Netherlands on Saturday afternoon. But the European powerhouse would be something to worry about later in the week. Now it was time to party.

Photos from the Tico celebration in San José and Grecia:

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Matthew Frederick

Watch your pockets, i went out with the wife last night to see this and was pick pocketed. Pathetic there are people who have to steal from others while all uniting to celebrate you’re teams victory…

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its “your teams victory”.
PS: In San Jose your pockets should be empty, or else… (its a sad reality, but i guess nobody told you to be careful?).

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Enoch Brenes

Not your team though Matthew Frederick

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Ingrid Ruth Murillo Jimenez

Gracias Dios por este día tan maravilloso por un rato como agonizando de estrés , pero segura de que tu nos dabas la victoria, felicito a la selección de Costa Rica, por que con gran esfuerzo nos dieron este triunfo ,SOY TICA Y ESTOY ORGULLOSA DE DE NUESTRA SELECCIÓN .

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Taki Agata


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Bill Spears

No burning of Cars? No smashing of Windows? No Rioting? 31 drunks arested and one person complaining of being pick pocketed is all. Las Personas de CR son muy amable. Congrats on a beautiful hard fought( over the top) win!!!

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Paula Alvarado Venegas


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Supawadee Bunbhit

Fighting to the champion

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