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Procter & Gamble to hire 300 employees for new Costa Rica operations

U.S. company Procter & Gamble (P&G) on Wednesday evening opened in Costa Rica a new supply-chain planning center for its entire operation in Latin America, which will employ 500 workers when it reaches full capacity in June 2015.

The company has already hired 200 employees, and in coming days will begin recruiting an additional 300 workers, company officials said at an opening ceremony attended by President Luis Guillermo Solís.

The new facilities span more than 6,000 square meters at Forum Industrial Park in Santa Ana, southwest of the capital. The center will consolidate supply-chain planning of 25 company operations on the continent.

At the opening ceremony Solís said new facilities reflect the country’s key role in operations of several multinational businesses.

“We are glad to know that multinational companies are relying on Costa Rican talent to expand their operations,” Solís said.

P&G is seeking bilingual professionals in systems engineering, economics, logistics, computing and business administration.

Candidates interested in applying for a job can find a list of available posts and submit their resumes at:

P&G launched operations in Costa Rica in 1999 and currently employs 1,500 bilingual professionals in two operations: a financial services center and a business transformation center.

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Honest man

I Know people that work at Proctor and Gamble and say Proctor is very tough on staff and expect most staff to work 60 hrs a week. Proctor CR pays there staff very little and compared to US staff. Thats a fact. Really Proctor and Gamble are one company that CR could do without. I am surprised that New Prez likes them so much considering what has happened in Canada with Proctor and Gamble and how they have layed off 8000 staff in two years.

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While good news for some Costa Ricans employmentwise , I am curious as to how P&G passes the strict policy for access to free trade zone in the environmental record aspect as stated ” In born Costa Rica and abroad”
P&G international record is at best, nothing but ‘greenwash’

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Edit correction should read ‘both’ not ‘ born’

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