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President Solís to weigh in on proposed changes to Internet rates

President Luis Guillermo Solís has asked Guy de Teramond, a former minister of science and technology and one of the pioneers of the Internet in Costa Rica, and Alonso Castro, director of the University of Costa Rica’s Informatics Center, to help him draft an official recommendation regarding a proposed new model for pricing mobile Internet usage.

The Telecommunications Superintendency (SUTEL) on July 1 will hold a public hearing to propose that mobile Internet rates be billed according to the amount of transferred data, at ₡0.0075 per-kilobyte downloaded, instead of billing for connection speed, which is how postpaid plans currently operate.

Solís will weigh in on the proposed change, which has prompted a heated debate between carriers and customers in recent weeks, although the data transfer rate already applies for prepaid plans, beginning last year.

Earlier this week Solís met with SUTEL President Maryleana Méndez and representatives of the country’s three carriers, Claro, Movistar and Kölbi, to discuss the details of the proposed model.

Following the meetings the president said he has enough information to issue an opinion regarding SUTEL’s proposal, and that he will meet with the two experts to further clarify his arguments. Solís said any possible modification should demand from carriers a commitment to offer the best access for consumers, adequate quality and pricing, and sufficient information regarding changes in mobile plans.

Solís noted that, if approved, the new rates model should exclude students in satellite education programs who use mobile Internet to interact with teachers, mostly in rural areas.

“The use of digital technologies in modern societies is not a luxury of life. It is a crucial resource, and we need to ensure quality access with the best conditions of both speed and cost,” Solís said after a weekly Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

But opposition to changes has come from all directions. Justices from the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, this week are studying a complaint filed by a group of citizens who argue that the proposed rate model violates the public interest.

The country’s ombudswoman, Ofelia Taitelbaum, also opposes the changes, saying the proposal as published in the official newspaper La Gaceta is different from one originally submitted by SUTEL’s Marketing Department.

Taitelbaum said the drafting of the published document “does not indicate that the new rates model would be an alternative to the current model,” meaning that information received by citizens is different from that which SUTEL intends to approve.

The Consumers Association publicly said they oppose the changes, alleging that the proposal originated from a telecom carrier’s request and not from technical criteria by SUTEL.

“Carriers since 2012 have been asking that the approved change in rates for prepaid plans also be applied to postpaid ones,” the group’s vice president, Gilberto Campos Cruz, told The Tico Times.

The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 1, at 5:15 p.m. at SUTEL facilities in Escazú, southwest of San José. It also will be broadcast via video conferencing in court buildings in Cartago, Ciudad Quesada, Heredia, Liberia, Limón, Pérez Zeledón and Puntarenas.

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Terrillynn West

I am upset that you are going to charge by the kilobite. I feel it is theft. I have used over 400000 kb today doing noting but trying to get connected. PLEASE charge by the speed not the kb. PLEASE do not become the thieves the rest of the world is.

Once you charge by the kilobite I will no longer have internet. I like many others have a fixed income and con not pay the outrageous fees that charging by the kb will generate.

Now that I am on post pay and pay one fee it is doable for me and I tolerate the not being able to connect. The one time I used pre pay the service stopped working for me (the way I needed) in 1 day and for the next 6 days it cost me $30 to $50 a day just o maintain normal function. I felt I had been lied to when I got the prepaid and will never do that again, I did not eat for 3 weeks just so I could give the promised internet to a visiting friend.
4 mins · Like

Terrillynn West I also feel for the Nationals that depend on it for school. They don’t all fit into your exception rule and it is going to make it hard if not impossible for them to use internet for schooling purposes. Sometimes you just need to do research for a paper.

Just because some wnat to be GREEDY doesn’t mean everryone has to jump on the wagon. You could be HUMAN GOOD PEOPLE.

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Terrillynn West

It has been a whole day of not connecting yet kbs just fly by going as fast as they can while I get very litle in return. Mostly reconnecting is what I do till it actually connects.

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Terrillynn West

Why id it you don’t think the companies are making enough money as it is.. Why do you want to make it so only companies and the RICH can afford to do anything but pay bills on line.

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Terrillynn West

An example of the theft involved with charging by the kb. I just spent 2 and 1/2 hours and 40000 kb to make this comment most of the kbs were because it would not connect so it just used kb after kb trying.

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