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Police seize 101 sea turtle eggs from suspected poacher on Caribbean Coast

In the early morning Wednesday, police nabbed a woman with the last names Cerdas Viales, who is suspected of poaching turtle eggs on Moín Beach near the Caribbean port city of Limón.

Police suspect that Cerdas was working with a man who fled the scene. They seized 101 hawksbill sea turtle eggs and 12 styrofoam coolers, and transferred the eggs to a biologist who reburied them in a protected hatchery on Mondonguillo Beach, near Matina in the same region.

The seizure comes two days after police arrested a man for selling leatherback sea turtle eggs outside of a sports stadium in Limón.

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Gustavo Caldarelli

WHAT A JOKE….. IS THIS NEWS ? C’MON… there are hundreds of poachers ripping the beaches of Pacific supposedly guarded by MINAE (a corrupted agency)
Please don’t be fooled by “propaganda”. The turtles are under attack and not much is being done.

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Aleen Smith

Gustavo — so something good happens, and you damn them for reporting it? Hello?

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Isabel Peterson

That’s one nest saved that may or may not hatch, and hatchlings unlikely to survive to adulthood if any do hatch. The fact that the eggs were poached on the beach at night means that the nesting female was not protected by police from being killed for her meat and shell, worth hundreds of dollars. Work harder, fuerza publica, MINAET, and Guardacostas! The news from this seizure is that there is one fewer hawksbill female hawksbill because no one was there to prevent her death.

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