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How you like us now! Bryan Ruiz, Costa Rica shock Italy, 1-0, advance at World Cup

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Hurray for Costa Rica ! Completely deserved !
Greetings from Ghent, Belgium (where Bryan Ruiz started his career in Europe)

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Andy Snyder

Way to go, Ticos! My son plays futbol, called soccer here in the USA, and we really have gotten into the game over the last few years. Costa Rica played an AWESOME defensive game against one of the favorites, Italy. All Ticos should be proud of this team and pray they continue to stay focused, poised and play smart. If La Sele keeps playing like this, who knows how far they will go. I’m an American first though and hope the USA meets Costa Rica in the next week or two in a World Cup game. It would be great for both countries. Now, beat the Brits and show that you all will stay hungry!

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Krekic Goran

Bravo ,Costa Rica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Greetings from Serbia!

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Just fantastic! What an awesome job!
Muchas gracias!

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Aura Araya


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Paula Allen

Linda mi Sele. ♡ saludos desde New York.

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Adriana Lozada-Reyes

fix the spelling on the link. *now not *know