San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

26 photos from Costa Rica's tremendous post-victory celebration in San José

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Raul Rivera

Asi se vivió la fiesta!

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Daniel Tudor

Congratulations Ticos !!!!!! You certainly deserve the victory !!!! You are a great country, and you have also a great football team !!!! Best of luck for the next WC matches. I truly believe in you, and you certainly have potential to reach the WC finals. Greetings from Romania

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Rick Dane

The best of luck from Canada!

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Luke Turner

Amazing to see the celebrations and congratulations.. And that is from a huge football fan.. From England :( but married to a Tica! I’m glad to see Costa Rica put on the map here!

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Milos Radakovic

Bravo Costa Rica !!!! Greatings from Serbia You Tread them one by one

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Michael Tom Mclaughlin

Canada is in your corner go Team Tico!

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Dave Fanny Josiah Isabella

Felizidades mid Ticos!!!!!!

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Elisa Salinas Arguello


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Matthew Frederick

Great support.. now i ask, why can’t Tico’s get together in this volume over real problems in the country and real political issues?

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Iris Awad

Viva mi linda Costa Rica y viva la seleccion

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Julie Sibaja


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Gaby SH

Viva Costa Rica!!!

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