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Unions members vote against deal to end teachers' strike

Public school representatives Wednesday at noon rejected an agreement drafted ​​last night by union leaders and government officials to end the nationwide teachers’ strike that started May 5.

For more than two hours educators and union leaders discussed their doubts and concerns regarding the document devised following an 11-hour meeting that ended past 1 a.m. Wednesday.

Teachers expressed their distrust of the payment procedure proposed to correct problems with backlog payments.

Educators demanded the government resolve all pending wage issues within the next 48 hours and also asked that the administration promise no reprisals against those who participated in the strike, among other concerns.

Education Ministry officials asked educators to commit to rescheduling missed lessons without affecting the current school schedule or student vacation periods.

Earlier in the day, Education Minister Sonia Marta Mora expressed hope that the strike could end this afternoon and students would return to school Thursday.

Ana Doris González, president of the High School Teachers Association, said most union leaders share educators skepticism over the government’s proposals. She said they will require the Education Ministry to set a deadline to receive all back payments.

Unions leaders will meet again Thursday to outline upcoming measures for the strike, which is now in its fourth week.

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Douglas Henry

It is time for the government to quit paying teachers to strike. This is not the government that created the problem and by every indication they are doing everything within their power to get their hands wrapped around the issue and get it fixed. Since the numbers change who knows the real number but the last report I read there were 45000+ teachers and about 3000 that had some type of payment issue. In the mean time there are hundreds of thousands of children that are being denied an opportunity for an education. It is time for the 90+% of the teachers who are getting paid to either go back to work or to be docked pay. This has turned into a paid vacation for 90+% of teachers and nothing more. The teacher’s union has not a leg to stand on of mistrust since the new government has done nothing but address the issue and work on solving the problem.

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I guess your a anti Union person. Very sad. If the teachers didn´t have a Union they would have nothing. Teachers deserve the right to be paid not to be treated as slaves.

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Goverment doesn´t pay teachers for months and now they say trust us will pay you. I agree with the teachers this strike has to go on until they pay 3 to 6 months up front.

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