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Costa Rica and Bahamas send El Salvador financial reports on fugitive ex-President Flores

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador – Officials in El Salvador reported Tuesday that Costa Rica and the Bahamas have collaborated with an investigation of ex-President Francisco Flores by sending financial statements and other banking information to prosecutors, who accuse Flores of misappropriating $15 million in state funds.

“We’ve transferred financial information that has come from the Bahamas and Costa Rica as requested by prosecutors, we’ve quickened the process, and I personally guaranteed that it happened,” interim Supreme Court President Florentin Meléndez said.

According to Meléndez, the information will help prosecutors track deposits and financial transfers made by the former president, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Flores is accused of stealing $15 million donated by the government of Taiwan during his administration, which lasted from 1999-2004.

On Tuesday, Justice Minister Ricardo Perdomo said officials are still seeking Flores to arrest him.

On Monday, current President Mauricio Funes said, “We’re continuing our efforts to find out where he [Flores] is. We don’t know if he’s in the country or not.”

Previous press reports had tracked Flores to Panama, but Panamanian officials deny that allegation.

As of last week, Flores’ name and photo appear on Interpol’s international fugitives website, which says he is accused of embezzlement, illicit enrichment and disobeying prosecutors’ orders.

On May 7, a San Salvador court issued an arrest warrant for Flores and the freezing of his assets including several homes, autos and boats.

The ex-president was investigated by the Salvadoran Congress and Prosecutor’s Office based on complaints filed by current President Funes in October 2013. That information was provided by the U.S. Treasury Department, which said Taiwan had made suspicious financial transfers to Flores in the amount of $10 million in 2003 and 2004.

On Feb. 26, a special legislative commission recommended prosecutors open an official investigation.

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Mau A

In regard to the comments by DRMENO …. “The truth will set you free”” or so we would all want to think . I am sure the arrest of the Limon judge is only damage control ….. After all how bad can it be ? Is it true that every one and everything is for sale in Costa Rica ?

A small Central American Country with a long history of political corruption at every level … An elite group that embezzles the very life from its institutions and its people . A group that commits crimes at the highest level of office and is never prosecuted by using or modifying the existing archaic quasi-religious legal system to their advantage . Can you imagine being arrested for Narco trafficking and the judge asks you to promise not to do it again and to appear in court at a later day for trial and then lets you free?? ………………Seriously ???? How is that for idiocy !!!! , A group that controls media with favors . A group that flys on a drug dealers plane to a meeting in another country that may not exists. A Group that operates like children in kindergarden when in public always fumbling for answers.

I feel that President Solis is Costa Ricas last chance at finding middle ground for the people of Costa Rica . He is is far from perfect but it appears he is very direct and very honest with the issues that face him …

And at least Solis has had an actual Job … a real paying everyday job !!! how is even possible you can be in politics if you have never actually worked in all your life ??? Like some of Costa Ricas elite have never actually had a job in their entire life and that alone should disqualify them form being in any public office .

I give him credit for creative thinking in regard to meeting the payroll commitment with the teachers by working with the banks to get through this crisis…. Its about time !!!!! someone got off their ass in the Costa Rica Government !!! Mr Solis I want to shake you hand ….. many people appreciate your efforts already .

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They need to look in Oscar’s and Laura’s background and financial records. I bet you will find corruption there too. Can Laura account for every colon from all of the Billions and Hundreds of Millions she borrowed from t eEuro Bank$ters criminals.

0 0