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Yay for gays

Social conservative lawmakers incensed over LGBT flag at Casa Presidencial

Social Conservative lawmakers lashed out at President Luis Guillermo Solís’ decision to fly the rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender movement Friday, saying that that the leader’s decision “provoked” Christian politicians.

Lawmakers from the Costa Rican Renovation Party, National Restoration, Accessibility without Exclusion (PASE) and the Christian Democratic Alliance criticized the president’s deacons, reported

The president ordered the LGBT flag be raised on even mast with the Costa Rican tricolor Friday in recognition of the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia on May 17. Costa Rica has officially recognized the celebration since 2008.

PASE lawmaker Óscar López said the act was a “provocation” at a time when there was a bill to allow same-sex civil unions pending in the Assmebly, reported

“We are profoundly sad that President Solís did not set time out of his schedule for an activity for the Day of the Family or Farmer. This leaves us much to think about his priorities and we would like to know if he will fly the flags of other causes as well,” said Fabricio Alvarado, lawmaker for the conservative Christian National Restoration Party, according to

Later in the morning Friday, Casa Presidencial said that they would celebrate other causes, including people with disabilities and HIV-AIDS, in a similar fashion.

Solís denied that the decision was a provocation, saying, “I think this is in the spirt of fraternity and humanity, which is what we want to rescue.”

The president said that he did not publicly celebrate the other events because of the on-going teachers’ strike, which began May 5.

“Just because I wasn’t [celebrating yesterday] does not mean I’m not thinking about farmers,” Solís said on the lawn of Casa Presidencial, “There’s no double standard or lack of interest; it’s simply a lack of time.”

The president noted that he keeps Costa Rica’s patron saint, the Virgin of the Angels in his office, and confirmed that he planned to attend midday mass in the Basilica Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles in Cartago, on Sunday.

Not everyone in the church opposed the symbolic flag raising. The president of the Costa Rican fisheries institute, Incopesca, and ordained Catholic priest, Gustavo Meneses, ordered the LGBT standard fly over the institution, too, upon the request from Casa Presidencial, reported Monumental.

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If there be one topic on which the Roman Catholic church, the largest organization in the world with paedophile employees, and regressive Protestant sects agree, it is the denial of basic human rights to equally worthy members of the population. With the present President, the Republic of Costa Rica has gained a resident president elected by the voters of Costa Rica, not elected by church elders (cardinals) and resident in Vatican City. Costa Rica is one of the more backward countries in the world because of not only absence of positive legislation, such as to permit abortion under specified but not excessively limited conditions, but also in impeding the acceptance of fertilizatiion in vitro by failing to pass the legislation that is long overdue and has been under discussion for several years.
That advanced civilised countries such as Canada, Denmark, Germany, Spain and Sweden have had socially progressive legislation in effect for decades is noteworthy; in those countries, among others, the influence of regressive religious bodies has become greatly eroded — their peoples simply largely abstain from formal religious observance, but the level
of crime in those countries is far less than in ‘Christian’ and “Roman Catholic’ Costa Rica.
All religion has a large component of superstition, and the moral qualities are incidental to that religion. Almost everybody will agree with me that religion is fundamentally superstition — except for their own religion, of course, but that exception independent of the choice of religion hence proves the thesis. The Roman Catholic church, like almost any other religious body in a nominally Christian tradition of which I am aware, is simply a self-serving commercial organisation, like the Coca-Cola Company or manufacturers of tobacco products: there might be some slight benefit from some practices of these organisations, but the net effect is detrimental to the health of society. You who seeks that exception for your own religion — did you select that religion or sect on the basis of an objective comparison? No, you were indoctrinated by your parents or clergy or the immediate society in which you grew.
Hail the new president of Costa Rica, who has the wisdom and the authority to transform this country into a progressive and peaceful society. If anybody wishes to practise some particular religious rite, that is his or her prerogative, as long as that practice does not interfere with the fundamental human rights of fellow citizens and residents of Costa Rica.

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