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Delika Foodshow a gourmet cornucopia

Jürgen Mormels has a remarkable track record: The German native has founded several top-quality restaurants during his 34 years in Costa Rica, from the widely praised L’Escargot and London Club to his most current operation, Jürgen’s Restaurante. In 2003, Mormels opened Delika by Gourmet Imports, which draws its products from all over the world.

It turns out that Mormels also loves to throw a fantastic party, as evidenced by the Delika Foodshow, which took place yesterday at the company’s warehouse in San Rafael de Alajuela. The event showcased Delika’s remarkable selection of meats, cheeses, wines and seafood, both for industry professionals and interested foodies. The event also included culinary demonstrations, live entertainment (aerialists performed gymnastic dances high above the display tables) and enthusiastic tastings.

After Mormels took the microphone and thanked his staff for all their hard work, a pair of belly dancers took the stage, performing a sensual tribal dance. In its final hour, the crowd, loosened with Delika’s many wine samples, danced along to disco classics and traded name tags for complimentary bottles of Momo Kawa sake. Delika’s slogan is “tasting the good life.” It seems that the good life tastes delicious.

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Jürgen F. Mormels

Un lindo dia!

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Richard Hennessy

Do they have a factory store for consumers. There’s not much in the way of supermarket fine food in the Zona Sur

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Sandra Meyer John Osborn

The direction for the restaurant would be greatly appreciated. I was just talking about German food last night.

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