San José, Costa Rica, since 1956
A beachin' photo

Puerto Limón

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Too many crimes are committed everyday in Limon. Not a good place to go. If you go over there remember you have high probabilities of being robbed.

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Your right on one thing revive would be nice. Limon is forgotten by every goverment in Costa Rica. Limon should be the best place to go but PLN goverments have done nothing for the people of Limon. I hope for change but i will not hold my breath. Nice beach in Limon. Poeple in Limon should vote to leave Costa Rica and they would do just fine.

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Colin Brownlee

“Limón, the largest city on the Caribbean, is seeking to revive itself as a tourist destination.”

– Really MS Fendt? Maybe you could expand on that? What are they doing? What are they reviving it from? What are your sources? Can you share where you derived this assessment from? Or is this just another TT reporter publishing their own assumptions? Which of course they every right to do so. But I think they should tell us that is what they are doing and not make up the news.

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Andy Snyder

Bigger than Cartagena, Colombia; Santo Domingo, DR; Port au Prince, Haiti or Kingston, JA? No way. Poor job on this report. Each of those cities has a much larger population.