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UPDATE: Police say US woman found dead in Nicaragua was strangled to death

via Agros International Facebook page

UPDATE: According to the Nicaragua Dispatch, Karen Colclough was strangled to death. Police arrested Nicaraguan man Fernando Antonio Aburto, 35, and consider him the primary suspect.

He was connected to the crime after he sold a camera he allegedly stole from Colclough to a local resident for $27. Aburto apparently had a lengthy criminal record.

Colclough, 37, had worked in Wyoming with developmentally disabled adults for the past decade. She was in Nicaragua on a mission trip organized by the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole and Agros International of Wyoming, according to Planet Jackson Hole.

Her pastor confirmed to the paper that Colclough’s body was found near the hotels where the missionary group was staying. Agros International described the circumstances of Colclough’s disappearance in a Facebook post earlier in the week:

On Friday, the group’s work was completed and as is the usual custom with Agros trips, the team had assembled for an end-of-trip debrief at the Barcelo Montelimar, a beach resort near Montelimar, Nicaragua. Montelimar is 62km/38 miles southwest of Managua. There were no scheduled work sessions or activities that day; the group planned to meet for dinner that evening. Volunteer Karen Colclough checked in with staff to say she was going for a run on the beach, and did not return to connect with the team for dinner as planned.


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There was a young boy found dead in Costa Rica as well. This young guy was from England, OIJ is investigating the cause of the crime.

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For some reason Tico times is trying to make to look bad Nicaragua. I guess Tico times is trying to avoid expats to go to Nicaragua instead of Costa Rica. That’s the reason why they are distorting the news. All the news about Nicaragua is negative for that reason. They don’t want american tourists to visit Nicaragua which by the way is a beautiful country. Way cheaper and safer than Costa Rica, that’s why I decided to sell my property in Costa Rica and buy two houses in Nicaragua for the same price. Tico times stop distorting the news that won’t make people to stop visiting or retiring in Nicaragua.

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I left Costa Rica after living there for 7 years. Moved to Nicaragua for the same reason, cheaper and much safer. I can actually walk home at night, which I would not have done in Costa Rica. I also see foreigners, or “expats” walking out late at night all the time. I”ll invite Nicas to my home, and when they leave, nothing is missing. In Costa Rica, there was always something missing “shaving cream, razer blades, toothpaste, even my wireless modem was taken” So I stopped having Ticos in my home.
I haven’t even heard the story of this woman till now. And, they have a suspect in custody, while in CR, murders and robberies are always under investigation, and rarely is anyone nabbed

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Colin Brownlee

Curious…. Why is article tagged as “expat crime”, when reading your story, no where does it indicate she was infact living outside the US. Anyone that lives in Costa Rica, will not deny crime is an issue ( especially expats), but let’s try and resist distorting the news.

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Why am I not surprised? After our last trip to Nicaragua my wife and I swore we would never go back. The hostility that Daniel Ortega’s administration has imbued into their people towards Gringos and Ticos is incredible. The populace practically bled it.

It’s always easier to convince the sheep to hate someone else and blame someone else for their problems than to take personal responsibility.

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