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Police still stumped year after $1 million art heist

It sounds like a subplot from “The Thomas Crown Affair.” Thieves broke into a home on Feb. 25, 2013 and purloined several paintings, carefully cutting them out of their mounts, leaving the decorative settings to frame the empty wall.

The victim claimed the 17 stolen pieces by Costa Rican painter Rafael Solís were worth approximately $1 million.

More than a year later, the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) have yet to turn up the works.

According to OIJ spokesman Marco Monge, investigators have also not had any luck locating $300,000 worth of paintings by another famous Tico artist, Rafael Fernández, stolen in September, 2013.

The Tico Times previously reported a rash of thefts in late 2010, also of Fernández paintings. To date, none have been recovered and the investigations remain open, Monge said.

OIJ asks that anyone with information about the stolen paintings call the confidential tip hotline, 800-8000-645.

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Jonathan Harris

I’m glad you referenced the burglary of my Rafa paintings in 2010. Not a word since. Somebody out there is buying a lot of stolen Costa Rican art. Those buyers are the real thieves. If somebody has any of my Rafa paintings, I would like them back please.

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Oscar Fowler

Jonathan — after living in Costa Rica for 10 years plus — you might want to check the bank accounts of the chief of police — by far the most inept and corrupt in the world! —

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