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Electricity rate hikes take effect in April

Electricity rates will increase by between 6.87 percent and 9.81 percent, depending on the service provider,  starting next month, the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) said on Friday.

The agency approved the hikes after taking into account an increase in thermal-generated electricity prompted by harsh conditions during the dry season.

A lack of rainfall last year forced companies to generate electricity using fuel to meet a shortfall in energy generated by hydroelectric plants.

ARESEP’s Energy Superintendency said the state-owned Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) likely would have to import energy from other Central American countries in order to meet local demand at a lower cost.

That means the increase on ICE bills will total 6.87 percent, compared to Coopesantos customers, who will be billed the highest increase at 9.81 percent.

Other service providers and rate hikes are as follows: National Power and Light Company, 7.35 percent increase; JASEC, 8.79 percent; Public Services Company of Heredia, 8.66 percent; COOPELESCA, 5.21 percent; and COOPEGUANCASTE, 6.92 percent.

ARESEP also reported that a quarterly review concluded that the amount of thermal generation needed to meet electricity consumption for the next period is actually lower than that projected by the previous review conducted last year.

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Matthew Frederick

So make sure you tell all those massive MALLS and Office buildings to shut off their lights once they close.

I always find it funny how they want all of the people to cut back their use of power but companies and massive buildings and malls can go ahead and keep every light they own on 24/7…..

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And president L. Chinchilla thinks protesting a .43% pay increase (slap in the face) is shameful. The public sector pay administrators may as well just give that .43 to the power companies directly, save time and admin. Fees

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