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Costa Rican cops dismantle burglary gang that targeted beach homes

Agents from the Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) and the National Police on Thursday arrested seven alleged members of a gang linked to at least 30 reports of burglary targeting beach homes in the Pacific provinces of Guanacaste and Puntarenas.

The arrests were made during nine simultaneous raids in the southern San José suburbs of Patarrá and Río Azul, and in Tilarán and Cañas in the province of Guanacaste.

During the joint operation the OIJ seized flat-screen TVs, video cameras, computers, cellphones, clothing, tools, weapons and ₡2 million ($3,700) in cash.

The alleged burglars mostly targeted empty beach homes in popular tourist areas such as Osa and Tamarindo, but OIJ officials believe they may have participated in recent burglaries at businesses and homes in nearby areas like Cañas and Tilarán.

Two of the detainees allegedly bought the stolen items and sold them at a pawnshop in the capital.

OIJ Director Francisco Segura said that two other men with the last names Calderón and Serrano were arrested a few weeks ago, and are believed to be members of the same gang. Police linked those suspects to a string of robberies at beach homes in the Southern Pacific region.

The suspects were transported to the Prosecutor’s Office, which requested preventive detention, Segura said.

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Another attack at Coco Beach. Same thing. Bat to the teeth of a poor woman walking her dog. We need a story about this!

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I wish that they would come to Coco beach. The owner of La Dolche Vida restaurant was attacked last week and hit in the mouth with a bat, knocked her teeth out just to steal $20. I had a broken window just two weeks ago as a punishment for going to the beach with my family–nothing in the car to steel, but, they opened up everything and ended up taking my emergency roadside kit.

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Glenn Case

wait, did you say “Costa Rican cops?” haha thats a joke…

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