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Fuel, public transportation likely to see a hike in prices in coming weeks

Two hikes in the per-liter price of fuel could hit drivers’ pocketbooks this month, and taking a bus or a taxi won’t help save much money, as those rates are set to increase as well.

The first increase in fuel prices could be approved in the second half of the month and would mean a ₡26 increase in the per-liter price of “Super” gasoline, a ₡25 increase for “Plus” gasoline, and a ₡19 increase for diesel.

The National Oil Refinery (RECOPE) also has requested a hike in profit margins on fuel prices, as set by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP). If approved, fuel prices would jump again this month by 47 percent. ARESEP, however, rejected a similar request from RECOPE last year.

The regulatory agency also is studying a request for a ₡10 increase in taxi fares, which could be approved later this month. If it moves forward, the base taxi fare will increase from ₡605 to ₡615 ($1.14-1.16). In addition, cabs providing service to Juan Santamaría International Airport, outside the capital, could increase base fares by ₡40.

ARESEP also is evaluating an increase in bus fares for routes across the country. If approved, those hikes could take effect in early April. The increases would total about 1 percent on average, the agency reported.

ARESEP officials currently are preparing public hearings to allow citizens opposed to the increases to express their opinions.

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Michael Tom Mclaughlin

Ben! There are 26 trillion barrels of oil in Alberta Canada,if the Keystone pipeline to Houston is built you will have cheaper gas prices. The USA has enough oil of its own to stop buying from mid east and Cina is only one country that needs oil.

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Hear are the facts on Gas prices. Gas is going up because North America is having a cold winter and peoples homes are costing more to heat. Also there is thing called peak oil. Its getting harder to find oil and fuels. The system is also controled by rich countries like USA and Saudi Kings that need to make billions or they will be over thrown by there people. Expect gas to get higher from now on. PEAK OIL IS HEAR. Also China is buying more fuel than ever before. Lots of Cars in China now.

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