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Public workers unhappy with salary increase protest in San José

Thousands of public employees on Tuesday marched eight blocks down San José’s Second Avenue to protest a 0.43 percent wage increase approved by the government earlier this month.

The demonstration began at Parque La Merced at 10 a.m. and ended at the Finance Ministry, where protesters with megaphones, banners and signs chanted slogans targeting government officials. Most of the ire was aimed at President Laura Chinchilla’s administration.

Police estimated up to 4,000 protesters attended the rally, while union leaders put the number at 7,000.

Ana Doris González, of the High School Teachers’ Association, called the salary hike “starvation wages” for teachers.

Others criticized the salaries of government ministers and lawmakers, while union leaders said they were sending a message to presidential candidates Johnny Araya, from the ruling National Liberation Party, and Luis Guillermo Solís, from Citizen Action Party.

Because teachers participated in Tuesday’s demonstrations, many classes at public schools were cancelled. Other public services were interrupted throughout the day.

Labor Minister Olman Segura defended the wage hike amount, saying protesters failed to include benefits in salary calculations.

Traffic on Second Avenue, one of San José’s most-transited roads, was interrupted for at least three hours, but returned to normal at about 1:30 p.m.

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Lets Talk about Costa Rica

1. Salaries are not gone up enough.

2. Salaries in the private sector are very sad in Costa Rica. Private owned companies are very pro PLN in Costa Rica. PLN have controlled the worker by paying just enough to live. Minimum Wage is a joke. Private Companies are making millions in profit but don´t pay there workers.
3. There is 8.4% unemployment under PLN leadership. PLN leaders have paid them selfs huge wages.
4. How much does the President of the country make? How much is the salary of Johnny Arraya as mayor of San Jose?
5. Its time for some change police officer are making $500 dollars a month. Teachers in public school are working two jobs to pay rent. Teachers in Costa Rica are payed less than Police.
6. PLN and the group that have run the country from President to mayor of Sanjose have had all the control and done nothing.
7. If you are going to get anything from the rich you need to protest all night and get radical. PLN will never give enough. Vote for change in Costa Rica any change is better than PLN

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