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Costa Rica accuses Bolivian president of meddling in election

Don’t mess with Costa Rica.

The Foreign Ministry said it deplored Bolivian President Evo Morales’ comments on Feb. 7 claiming Costa Rica was a former colony of the United States and that the U.S. had disbanded the country’s army, according to a statement released Monday.

Morales, who was commenting on recent elections in Costa Rica and El Salvador, said, “For the first time a leftist party stands out in a country that was once a colony of the United States, and I think – and I hope I’m not wrong – it is a country without armed forces, as the United States eliminated the army in Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica disbanded its army in 1948 following a civil war – and the U.S. was not involved.

“President Morales’ declaration on Feb. 7, 2104, about the electoral process constituted interference in the internal affairs of Costa Rica,” the statement read.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that Costa Rica’s repulsion of William Walker, a pro-slavery invader from Tennessee who proposed annexing Central America into the United States in the 1850s, was one of the most prodigious moments in the country’s history:

“Costa Rica recalls that it was for this feat by the Costa Rican people, who not only liberated themselves from the threat of colonialism by the United States, but who also liberated Nicaragua, which was [a colony].”

The statement from the ministry called the comments an “unjust attack,” but aimed to take the high road in the end, reiterating Costa Rica’s support for the people of Bolivia and its democratically elected government.

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John B.

Thank God and the wise Costa Rican leaders from the 1940´s and 50´s there´s not an army in Costa Rica. But let´s keep an eye on the growing criminality in this beautiful country.

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jane perry

This is all very interesting, but why are you not covering the debacle in Portrero where the AYA is trying to illegally disable water supplies with force by over 100 police from outside the area. Is it a bit too tangled for the new tico times????

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It is interesting to note how the most oblivious presidents in Central and South America are graduates of leftist clleges in the United States. True students of history know that the American financier Vanderbilt, on eof the robber barons no less, is the only reason why Walker was defeated—Walker stood in the way of Vanderbily using Nicaragua to move cargo from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Vanderbilt not only paid Central American governments to fight Walker but he had his own mercenaries make life tough for Walker in every way possible. Vanderbilt’s face should be on the flag of both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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Gary Hogan

Costa Ricans are rightfully proud of their history and democracy!! They are the best to solve their own political issues and economic problems (without interference from the US, Nicaragua, Venezuela or Bolivia … Ticos have my sincere admiration!!

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Adam C

Costa Rica goverment gets funding for its police and spy agency from the USA. This is very clear. Costa Rican Goverment still sends police to School of the America´s. The PLN right wing agenda is very messed up. Control the poor and middle class and keep the rich making more money. PLN are puppets of the USA goverment.

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Adam C

Three protesters killed, seven seriously injured in Kiev demonstrations, Ukrainian opposition MP tells CNN. Also (CNN) — Venezuela said Monday that three U.S. diplomats have 48 hours to leave the South American country, accusing them of conspiring against its government. These are the facts on protesting.

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Adam C

Lets keep focus Costa Rica. The PLN have not been doing a very honest job in many years. I hope for some change soon. We have many Costa Rican family that are really have a hard time feeding there families. There is a growing poor in the country. Where are the jobs? And i just saw Oscar the Ex prez getting involved in protests going on in South America. Talk about meddling. PLN should stop this i need an enemy tactic to win a election.. The Country of Costa Rica is very divided because of the PLN way of doing things.

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