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Public workers unions planning large protest, likely in March

Public employees working in government, education, health, police and coastal docks are spending this month planning the country’s first major strike of the year.

At the center of the upcoming protest is a 0.43 percent minimum wage hike for the public sector, approved on Feb. 4. Workers say the increase is too little to be effective.

On Wednesday, union leaders agreed to postpone the strike, which previously had been scheduled for this month. They will choose the date on Feb. 24, after a meeting with presidential candidates Luis Guillermo Solís, of the Citizen Action Party, and Johnny Araya, of the ruling National Liberation Party.

The strike likely will take place the first week in March. Union leaders say they could block major roads such as Route 27, which connects the capital with the Pacific port of Puntarenas, and Route 32, the main access to the Caribbean province of Limón.

Labor Minister Olman Segura called the strike unjustified, as the government has remained open to dialogue.

“Unions decided they were going to organize (a strike), and they refused to remain at the negotiating table,” Segura said.

The wage increase was issued by executive decree, Segura said, because officials no longer could wait, and unions “walked out of talks.”

Union leaders said the administration was never open to discussing a higher wage hike, and officials unilaterally set the amount by executive decree.

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I will be there to help. Its time to show the PLN they need to bring UNIONS Private and Public. Help the workers. The workers united will never be defeated. Lets bring Unions to Intel and HP and bring Unions to Call center. Bring Unions to all US Corp in Costa Rica.

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…it is to strike the right!
BUT: on strike against the exorbitant salaries of the Upper Class!

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John W.

Considering the already low wages of public sector workers, a .43% increase means they can buy an extra popi at the pulpe every month.

If I were a public sector worker, I’d already be on strike.

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The workers have all the right to go out and protest against something that is very unfair. But the march should be peaceful.

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Inflation is crazy and thats the raise they give the police and goverment workers.

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I will go to stike with my brother and sister. IF the ADMIN win the next election they have a secret plan.

Lower all wages of everyone in Costa Rica

Cancel The Caja

Sell the roads to US and China Friends of ADMIN

Sell all state property to US intrests.

And the the major part of ADMIN plan is to keep all Costa Rican except there friends as poor as they can.

The admin in power has hired many new police more than ever over the last year. Some say there is 25000 police right now. That a small army to control any protest in Costa Rica

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jose is obviously a genius!

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