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Police bust gang for dealing pot, party drugs to teens

Updated 1:30 p.m.

Kids these days.

Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) arrested six suspects Thursday morning for allegedly growing and distributing marijuana and synthetic drugs at high-flying high school parties.

OIJ Director Francisco Segura told reporters Thursday that the gang of four men and two women with ages between 21 and 27 attended private open-bar parties frequented by high school students in Alajuela and Cartago, where they allegedly distributed marijuana and synthetic drugs, according to

Police found at least 30 marijuana plants, many recently harvested, 50 tablets of ecstasy and two of LSD, along with some cocaine.

While authorities suspect the gang grew marijuana plants hydroponically, Segura said it was yet unclear if the gang produced their own synthetic drugs.

According to previous statements by Public Security Minister Mario Zamora last August, there are no known facilities producing synthetic drugs like ecstasy, LSD, or methamphetamine in Costa Rica.

“Open bar” parties, as they are known in Costa Rica, have been under scrutiny by the Costa Rican Drug Institute (ICD). High school students or young adults generally attend the parties in remote locations that are advertised on social networks, require private transportation to reach, and often have hefty entrance fees.

Carlos Alvarado, head of the ICD, warned La Nación readers in an October 2013 report that the parties have been known to attract drug dealers and pose a risk of sexual assault, especially for minors under the influence of controlled substances.

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Gracias Juan !The young need to discover their lifes, loves and fun! Families need to watch over the challenges of possible dangers Others may intend to take advantage of their innocence !

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The good side to this is if the Chiquitas get knocked up out there it won’t be by a family member, for a change.

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Shepherd Yerusalem

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Add another ten years into the study and Aspirin deaths are way higher. Suppressed findings of deaths in children from Reyes Syndrome for the sake of chemical company profit.

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Smearing high school kids, turning a generation into criminals.
Just more casualties in the failed US war on drugs. The US cotton growers, DuPont Chemical, and racist Attorney General Anslinger, what an edifice of corruption and collusion of money mongerers that have destroyed so many.

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Good news. There should be a follow up and stricter control of these “fiestas” by the pólice. The young people have all the right to have fun but watch out with drugs and drugs dealers.

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