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Drug trafficking

Royal Canadian Mounted Police train Costa Rican cops to spot suspicious behavior at airports

A group of 22 police officers from the Public Security Ministry’s Air Surveillance and Drug Control departments received training to detect illicit drug and money mules at Costa Rican airports.

Two instructors from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police trained local cops how to spot suspicious behavior such as nervous leg movements, hand sweating, stuttering and other body reactions usually associated with the risk of being arrested.

During the first week Canadian officers worked with six local police instructors on how to train officers in human behavior and body language observation.

“They are now certified to provide training to both local and regional police officers,” said Pierre Villaneuve, one of the Canadian instructors.

In the second week, the new Costa Rican instructors provided the training to 16 local police officers under the Mounties’ supervision.

At a graduation ceremony last Friday, Villaneuve said he is certain the training will make the officers better cops.

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Benjamin Case

Relax Buddy you sound like Alex Jones

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Dziekanski death at hands of RCMP a homicide, B.C. coroner ……/dziekanski-death-at-hands...

And this because the Polish visitor didn’t speak the language.
Not what CR tourist industry needs

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J Rodriquez

Costa Rica is very lucky to have such an amazing and dedicated group of men/women such as the RCMP to learn from.

The incidents posted by PUSKWAKAU re: Vancouver and Edmonton had nothing to do with the RCMP. That is CBSA – como policia touristica. Not RCMP.

As for spying on Brazil… that was not the RCMP either Mr. Espinoza. The spying was done by the CSEC – Canada’s NSA. Not RCMP.

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CSEC officers ALL come through the ranks of RCMP
CBSA are trained by whom? RCMP!

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With record tonnage of cocaine seizures, perhaps the CR police should be training the Canadians.

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Jose Espinoza

Canada is know for better policing than the USA but there is problem. The problem is that RCMP are very secrative about thing this is problem right now in Canada with spying on brazil

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Mexican woman who died in detention at YVR had been … 29, 2014
A 42-year-old Mexican woman who died after being detained by the … While CBSA is in charge of the holding centre at YVR, … days after being stopped at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

You mean this bunch is Doing the training in CR??? SCAREY

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Pipe bomb handed back to passenger Skylar Murphy by airport ……/pipe-bomb-handed-back-t...
Jan 15, 2014 – … a pipe bomb from a man at Edmonton International Airport tried to give it back to him, …

You mean this airport security conscientious country can train anyone??? HAHAHA

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