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Nicaragua's Ortega wants to have a friendly chat with next Costa Rican president

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega wants to open up a dialogue with Laura Chinchilla’s successor as president of Costa Rica, according to Nicaraguan analysts in a report by the news agency EFE.

Ortega made gestures this week signaling that he wishes to improve the contentious relationship between the two Central American neighbors, once Costa Rica elects its next president on April 6. Johnny Araya, of Chinchilla’s National Liberation Party, will take on Luis Guillermo Solís, of the center-left Citizens Action Party in a runoff.

Chinchilla’s last day in office will be May 8, and Ortega will be pleased to see her go. During Chinchilla’s four years in office, the presidential counterparts have maintained a theatrically adverse relationship. Some of the disputes arose over alleged aggressions from Nicaragua toward Costa Rica. Those allegations are now being tried in an International Court of Justice. Other issues – like the idea that Nicaragua might invade Guanacaste – seem to be more about chest-thumping and braggadocio from both sides.

Chinchilla announced last week that Costa Rica plans to take Nicaragua once more to the world court before her term ends. In this case, the complaint comes after Managua allegedly offered maritime territories in Costa Rican waters to international oil companies for concessions.

“They talk of dialogue and brotherhood, but in reality, on the ground, they continue being hostile, aggressive and arrogant,” Foreign Minister Enrique Castillo said, referring to Costa Rica’s decision to file another case against Nicaragua.

Neither Solís nor Araya wants to appear weak before Ortega’s swaggering up north, but they face a tough dilemma since the Nicaraguan president likely won’t be going away for some time.

They might need to search for ways to compromise with Ortega, whose rule seems to grow more authoritarian each year. The Sandinista revolutionary became president in 2007, and his government continues to tinker with the constitution to allow Ortega to keep running for president. On Monday, constitutional reforms take effect that remove presidential term limits, opening the door for Ortega to become president for life.

According to the analysts in the EFE article, Ortega wants to present a vision of a more united Central America. He desires to form bilateral agreements with neighbors, Costa Rica and Panama. For that to happen, Ortega will need a Costa Rican president who’s willing to play ball with him. Could that be Solís or Araya? Ortega hopes he’ll at least have better luck with one of them than he did Chinchilla, and that’s why he’s reaching out now and alluding to extending an olive branch to the eventual winner.

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Obama,again with obama.who said its a mess here with obama.its never been better here in USA..latin American Presidents always try to make them selfs GODs in people eyes…why is that?
NEVER TRUST A GREEDY PERSON..he will stab you in the back any chance he gets

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Robert Svensson

Tim Foss, as of Scandinavian origin myself, and being an expat since 1999, I felt strongly disturbed by your attack on Scandinavian countries as being very corrupted. What are you talking about? Where did you get the idea that all Nordic countries and their governments are corrupt and comparable to communist countries like cuba? I know that a great deal of right wing gringos have a communist fear and believe that if you’re not a big fan of Bush you MUSt be a communist. Well, it’s not that simple. Maybe you should visit Stockholm some day. But remember: It’s not allowed to carry!

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Niklas Zenius Jespersen

This article is shameful and a bunch of obviously lies. Removing the limit on presidential reelections does in no way make you president for life. How would it do that? That is a lie, nothing less, and Tico Times should come with a public apology.

Any president of Nicaragua would still have to be democratically reelected. Many democratic countries doesn’t have limits on reelection. Scandinavian countries for example have no such limits and they are far more democratic and far less corrupt that Costa Rica and the USA.

The fact is that under PLN government in Costa Rica, the faith in democracy have been continuously lower and lower. Costa Rica have the least favored government in the entire continent, while Ortega has the highest approval rating of Central America and Nicaraguans have the largest faith in democracy in Central America. Under PLN government democratic rights have been under attack in Costa Rica with increased surveillance, police brutality and secret collaboration with USA spying as well as reduced rights for immigrants. Poverty and unemployment has been increasing, infrastructure has been declining and Costa Rica has lost its green environmental status. At the same time, under Sandinista government in Nicaragua, poverty have been drastically reduced, electricity (often from solar cells), clean water, education and improved infrastructure has been spreading over the country. And unlike what the lying right-wing medias are saying, democracy has in fact improved and corruption been reduced. For example, the number of members of councils has been increased in order to better represent the population and make it easier for small parties to be elected. The native-American population have gained better autonomy of their territories and there have been set up a lot of local citizens councils where the population can take active day-to-day part of the management of their local area.

The fact is that Costa Rica is fast declining in all areas while Nicaragua are fast improving in all areas. Costa Rica needs a Solis victory to improve the conditions but there also needs to be a larger presure from the larg left inside PAC to press Solis to take a clearer left stand. That should include an end to the anti-communist and anti-democratic forign policy of Costa Rica. You complain about Ortegas attitude to democracy? Humbus I say! Between Costa Rica and Nicarauga, which country took the side of the military coup in Honduras in 2009? And which country supported the fight for democracy? Costa Rica publicly and internationally defended the coup-makers and was a large part of what secured the coup in power. Nicaragua on the other hand was the most important country in supporting Zelaya and his democratically elected government. During the election last year, Nicaragua denounced the mass-election fraud carried out by the coup-makers installed government in Honduras while Costa Rica defended the government “elected” through rampage fraud, political murders and suppression of all democratic rights.

In the nationalist conflicts between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, both countries have parts of the fault. Yes, Nicaragua should end its claim on Guanacaste, but Costa Rica should also end its attack on the canal project, a project that could finance the region to move out of poverty and underdevelopment. And, what about how Costa Rica uses hundred of thousands of poor Nicaraguan immigrants as under-payed workers without any rights that are under constant threat of deportation if they should ever make claim for a fair wage and fair working conditions. This is a very good move by Ortega and a new left government by PAC should enter a constructive dialog and end the cold war against Nicaragua.

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Your not doing much for your argument when you say hundreds of thosands are in Costa RIca to work… If was so ducky in Nica they would not have to risk so much to be treated so badly. Ortega is just another thug who thinks he is the only one who can be president and changes the Constitution to his ends… You are a fool, Niklas

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Gus Montoya

Perpetuating yourself in power is not different than being a dictator, like chavez, the more this dictators are in power the more power they get by changing the laws in their favour and the opposition parties can’t do anything about it, but the good thing is that same like chavez, he is going to get god’s punishment, just for lying to his own people, we live different times now it is totally different than when the Soviets had their revolution and could keep their country isolated for 72 years, governing with a reign of terror.
Probably Ortega can stay in power for sometime but the longer he stays in power, the more people will see him for what he really is, a common stupid dictator, that has done nothing for the country, unless he changes like capitalist china (only communist by name). And that is the only way that he can continue in power for a long time, by becoming capitalist with a market economy and then the irony will be that the anti-capitalist dictator will do good things for his country only by being copying the west, what a contradiction.

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Tim Foss

The only thing correct in your comments above is the grammar.

1st – Scandinavian countries have a HUGE amounts of corruption that can only be compared to CUBA , Argentina , Venezuela , Iran and Syria. The national banks of these countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland harbor cartels, tax evaders and criminals. They have a Germanic heritage – its BAD

The PLN administrations and through reasonable democratic regulations of the Costa Rica central bank have protected Costa Rica’s from the communist type agendas you describe above.

FYI SOLIS is nothing more than a political speechwriter. He is a convenient candidate that switched political parties when PAC was formed. He was PLN to years and years and now he is a pawn to the communists

Johnny Araya as president is only option for 2014.

I can only hope that the young voters in Costa Rica attending university and getting ready to look for jobs see this before if its too late. You must vote for Johnny

Success can only be achieved by hard work!! NOT communism – NOT by the Sandinista s and NOT with distribution of wealth.

Johnny Araya and the his future minister of foreign affair are more than capable for deal and negotiate with Ortega and Nicaragua when needed – DON’T YOU WORRY NICLAS

YO VOTO CON Johnny !!!!


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Timmy Timmy Timmy, your ignorance of the Scandinavian country politic and the Germanic history is only matched by your Solis bashing proganda.
Johnny’s good works as San Jose mayor ( and he is) does not mean Solis is communist just because Johnny says so. The corruption of the present govt means they need this come-uppance. A multi-term governance will work as long as there is a balance in the legislative assembly.
Opening dialog with your neighbour surely is better than constant court suits where the lawyers are the only benefactors
ps the Germans are blond haired and blue eyed from their heritage of Viking blood as is the Slavs

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I appreciate you admitting Johnny was a good mayor! Much respect Sir!

FYI – I never said Solis was a communist – I said he is a speechwriter controlled by communists. This is much worse. Its very much like the Obama administration in the United States (What a mess that is turning into)

The PAC communistic policies wont work here either – The economy will be crippled and foreign investment will dry up. BAD , BAD , BAD

My theory is proven by the actions and proposals put forth by senior officials at PAC including the president of PAC. Unfortunately all proposals lead to taxation and the distribution of wealth with SOLIS as president under a PAC administration.

Sir distribution of wealth does not work. It will only fail and create a destabilization within the central bank. Poverty will skyrocket and crimes will increase. BAD , BAD , BAD

People need to work a little harder – Put a few more hours in working per day and EARN a living !!!

A living is earned NOT given by government or charity! Much like the vikings you mention they earned it !!

If you have company’s , land , bank accounts, cars, family’s, work in a call center and have Dream’s in Costa Rica – vote – Johnny Araya

Make it a great day !!

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Tim Foss

Ben your wrong Sir – The roots of PLN stem from the early 1940’s and 50’s with much, much more to overcome than now a days. A few missteps or bad apples by the PLN past and or other presidents should not effect the credibility Johnny Araya – Look around Sir – He was your Mayer – The majority of everything has improved here. It’s Cleaner, Much less crime, The tourism increased , the private sector is growing and FYI the CAJA & socialized medicine came from the PLN. Check your facts !!!

Johnny Araya for president 2014

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Jose Espinoza

Shame on you TIM FOSS. Where are you from? Must be the USA. The PLN have wrecked this Costa Rica. Now you America Citizen want to tell Costa Rican how to run our Country. Shame on you Tim. Don´t worry about Nicaragua TIM we will deal with it. NOT GREED USA

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American we run shit deal with it!!!! Buahahaha

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Tim Foss

All the more reason why its so important for the majority of voters in Cost Rica to elect Johnny Araya

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Johnny Araya is just another candidate, as Solís is too. None of them is a Mesiah or an evil dictator. However, the PLN as a whole has been in a moral decay far bigger and pronounced than “a few bad apples”, and Johnny himself has shown to be a big rot one. Change will make us reflect on what’s like to have someone else in power for a change, after more than 70 years of Calderón&Figueres’ bipartisan dominance.

I’m all in for less taxes, a smaller government expense/payroll and further investment in infraestructure this country needs so badly.

Nevertheless, it’s important people to elect the best candidate and actively participate to support the policies they want implemented. The PAC is far from perfect, but right now it’s the best shot we’ve got to make a necessary spring cleaning of the C’rican political landscape.

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TIM what are thinking? PLN have hurt Costa Rican. TIM are you a US Citizen or what? Your comments are very sad. PLN are the stealing from Costa Rican but you what to let them steal from the poor and middle class. Its time for some change.

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