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Immigration authorities deport US man wanted for bank robbery

Costa Rican immigration officials deported a U.S. man on Wednesday who is wanted by authorities in that country for allegedly robbing a bank in Florida, the Immigration Administration reported.

U.S. citizen Luis David Cardona, 38, was deported at 5:15 a.m. after being arrested in January at the Palmares Festival during a routine inspection by Immigration Police in which officers determined the man’s tourist visa had expired.

Cardona was taken to the Immigration Prison in Hatillo, south of San José, following a consultation with the U.S. Embassy that confirmed he is currently wanted by U.S. authorities.

Cardona arrived in Cost Rica on Oct. 17, 2013, and was granted a 30-day tourist visa.

Immigration Administration Director Kathya Rodríguez said Cardona was escorted by two Immigration Police officers and was issued a five-year prohibition  from entering the country.

The Immigration Administration has deported 772 people in the past 13 months, Rodríguez said.

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These type comments are so typical of this culture who prefer to stay uninvolved in important issues. For some reason it seem in Costa Rica we prefer to watch the crime but not to take responsibility to either avoid or to stop crime in our streets and our homes. It is a simple fact that there is not enough police to enforce meaningful laws nor is there a will to create punishment equal to the crime in our country. In more progressive countries we can clearly see that with the involvement of the people through hotlines and anonymous tips to the police, many criminals are caught and prosecute. When people like Jose admonish someone for comments of a citizen who wants to actively participate in crime reduction and is willing to take responsibility for crime prevention, it shows a sad statement of the mentality of our culture here. It is for this reason that it is best to not show myself to be a dissident of the system that is broken or it will be the good guys like me that have to look over our shoulder against people who would prefer to silence our voices. So what is your agenda Jose?

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Enoch Brenes

not youre country gringo

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Jose Espinoza

Your Comments remind me of East and West Germany. Robert a notice that you don´t put your full name on your comments. Shame on your comments Robert.

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There needs to be a hotline in Costa Rica to anonymously report violators of their visas who are working here illegally, or people who have suspicious backgrounds in crime from other countries or even this country. A phone number, an email address, a contact to a central agency where a person can participate without fear of retribution in cleaning up the criminal elements that exist in this country and flee here to avoid prosecution in other countries. Does this already exist and if not, wouldn’t it be worthy to get citizens involved in the protection of our beloved Costa Rica?

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