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Costa Rica doesn't need communist experiments, says Liberation candidate Johnny Araya

“Faced with (those who want) communist experiments, we represent the safest path for this democracy,” said Costa Rican presidential candidate Johnny Araya, of the ruling National Liberation Party, after casting his vote at a San José school Sunday morning.

“Members of the Liberation party and Costa Ricans who haven’t previously been members of our party but relate to us are the ones who represent the safest and most responsible choice,” Araya, 56, said. The former San José mayor was flanked by journalists and supporters as he voted in the Carlos Sanabria School in Pavas, a western district of San José.

“We’re certain we’re going to win. We have more than the 40 percent needed, and Costa Ricans are going to find that out,” Araya said. 

“Costa Rica doesn’t need communist experiments, it’s not a country for extremists, which is what the Broad Front Party represents. We’re going to intensely work to move this country forward,” Araya said.

But Broad Front Party candidate José María Villalta and Citizen Action Party candidate Luis Guillermo Solís – two progressive candidates capitalizing on the discontent among voters of the ruling administration of President Laura Chinchilla – could prove tough rivals throughout the day, while Libertarian Movement Party candidate Otto Guevara also had strong showing in recent polls.

Araya’s campaign said it hoped to capture one million of the three million votes expected to be cast today in order to avoid a runoff election in April. 

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People want change in Costa Rica. The super Rich that control Costa Rica are out of control. NO MORE Its time the US citizen that have the best property give them back and get out of Costa Rica. I hate how the rich Americans come to Costa Rica and buy our land.We the Costa Rica will take it back with or Without this election.

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Most of the Americans here are pensionados that have to jump all sorts of immigration hoops to prove they can contribute the economic wellbeing of Costa Rica. They are not spongers; they pay for towards the Caja even though most have private insurance; they provide employment; they contribute to fabric of the society they have chosen to be woven into. Yours is a xenophobic attitude that has clearly festered in ignorance and hatred; “blame the foreigner” is a knee jerk reaction for those with a herd-like mentality.

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I don’t believe any of the candidates are communist, or anything close to it.

However, that opinion of yours is extremely communist. The only people that should leave Costa Rica are people with your horrific mentality of randomly blaming others.

But I believe in freedom of speech, so I wouldn’t want you to be forced out. Rather, I hope you contemplate just how foolish your opinion is.

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It’s a desperate effort to get votes!

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The only safe bet for Costa Rican business is Otto or Johnny. It is easy to understand how many want change. Wealth is building up quickly in this country and many of the people are unprepared to partake, mostly due to lack of education. The answer is not socialism. It is work training. Every factory that moves here creates jobs that result in money flowing into Costa Rica. That is what we need. We must manufacture our way out of the economic crisis. And, make it easier to open and run a business here and make it more affordable to run a business. Make it easier for businesses to succeed, train the good people to succeed in them and Costa Rica will succeed…

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The Mayor is Slandering the name of the movement shame on him.

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it’s laughable how the notoriously corrupt throw around the word “communist” without even truly understanding what it means. So go on be a good banana republic and vote the next gangster into office.

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Excellent point Araya.

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