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New rule requires guides to accompany visitors in Corcovado National Park

An already pricey visit to Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula just got more expensive. Costa Rica’s National System of Conservation Areas (SINAC) announced in January that starting today visitors to the country’s most biodiverse national park must be accompanied by a certified guide.

According to a letter sent to tour operators, guides must be approved by the Costa Rican Tourism Board. Exceptions will be made for guides who present sworn statements on their knowledge of the park’s trails or who are members of groups with permission to enter the park.

The new regulations will not apply to reservations made before Feb. 1, but SINAC recommends all visitors use guides. Violators of the new policy could be sentenced to up to one year in prison.


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But this greatly supports rural communities where there are few economic opportunities for adolescents. This promotes ‘guia’ as a viable career alternative for local communities and creates jobs, and supports an economy based on promoting/preserving naturaleza (instead of harvesting/burning it for timber/gold etc). Osa isn’t for the cheap and easy tourist.

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This is ridiculous. The hike from La Leona to La Sirena is all along the beach and does not require a guide even for moderate hikers. It sounds like some lobbying by guides went on here.

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I’m guessing but, perhaps that answer is provided in previous story of the rescued gold miner/poacher. Just another example of punishing/criminalizing all because of the actions of a few scum

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I realize I could google this to get my answer but it would be nice to have the “why” this is being done included in the story.
One line to provide context would have done it.

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