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Starbucks to open fourth store in Costa Rica in March

Seattle-based coffee chain Starbucks will open its first store in eastern San José in March, the company’s fourth in Costa Rica.

The new store will be located in Plaza Freses in Curridabat, where currently a company banner advertises job openings.

Starbucks Costa Rica Manager Monica Bianchini said an exact date hasn’t been determined.

The 180 square-meter location will employ 25 people and will have the same characteristics as the other three Costa Rica stores, Bianchini said.

Starbucks launched in Costa Rica in May 2012 at Avenida Escazú, southwest of the capital. In November 2012, the company opened a second store at Lincoln Plaza Mall, and a third in September 2013 at Distrito 4, also in Escazú.

Since then, Costa Rica has seen an increase in international coffee shop franchises.

Other foreign chains that opened recently include Spanish Saboreate y Café and Honduran Espresso Americano, while Guatemalan Café Barista and Colombian Juan Valdéz said last year they planned on opening stores later this year.

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Starbucks is the MacDonalds of coffee. But for the real thing you can still find some awsome coffee shops in suprising places. The good thing about Starbucks will be that more Costa Ricans will try more complex coffee drinks and get into the coffeeshop culture. Just don’t open one in Puerto Viejo we already have the best coffee in the cariibbean at CariBeans.

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You’d think a company that sold such brackish swill trying to pass it off as coffee would stay away from a country that is world renowned for its wonderful coffee

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There is no rhyme or reason for what horrible tastes that people will pass between their lips. Costa Rican coffee is nice but Columbian….That’s what I’m talking about!

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