San José, Costa Rica, since 1956
Elections 2014

Opposition candidate Villalta draws thousands to final San José rally

Thousands of spectators crowded San José’s Central Park Friday night to support Broad Front Party candidate José María Villalta’s official closing of his 2014 electoral campaign, 8 days before voters head to the polls.

A sea of yellow shirts and flags – the Broad Front’s signature color – spilled into Avenida Segunda, with artists, TV personalities, and people of all ages turning out for an event that culminated with a fiery speech from Villalta and a performance by popular Latin folk band Cantoamérica.

Broad Front Party President Patricia Mora – whose recent interview with the daily La Nación sparked controversy after she said her party would move to control national news media if elected – said that “we are living a magical moment,” referring to a swelling of support for the party in recent months.

Villalta hammered home a message that has resonated with many voters disenchanted with the entrenched ruling National Liberation Party and its image of cronyism. The 36-year-old candidate and San José lawmaker promised to support social initiatives for the gay community, the elderly and the disabled, fight growing social inequality in the country, and end 30 years of “neoliberalism.”


Following are snapshots of the night.

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Villalta we need you!!! I dont know why you think its not a good option, I’ve lived in Argentina for the past 9 years…there is no reason to fear. Villalta will increase this country oportunities in every single way posible. WE MADE SEVERAL MISTAKES IN THE PAST BY PUTTING OUR TRUST IN SO MANY EVIL DOERS. ITS TIME TO TAKE A CHANCE! COME ON TICOS! And by the way…in Argentina all the big companies still run the same way, HP, MICROSOFT, IBM, TELETECH etc. So dont say it will bring us down, that BS. Sincerely

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Dear Ginger Firestone, just wanted to say that we dont have “plenty” of chance for buying any lands…You dont know how many times I tried to buy a house, here in San Jose, its a dream to buy a house on or near the beach cause all governments have made easy for drug cartels to buy houses at extremely high prices… So…we dont have plenty of chance of buying that land, cause what you earn in one week is maybe the month for one person here… I work on insurance, I have a good work…but there is no money enough to buy what you get so easy… So, please, dont talk like that, cause there is a reality away from you, that you dont know, there are lots of things you maybe dont know….and life here is easy and light just if you are a retored american recieving you earnings on dollars and spending on colones….

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Villalta will not get in, he will lose because wise balanced minds will not let the populist socialist villlalta win.

What he says is somewhat true, but his brand of equality for all is a false premise.

equal opportunity for all, but not equal results that is up to your God given talents.

We do not want handouts like he will promote, CR is already a social democracy and left leaning, but this guy villalta will eat way at all freedom loving people/

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bean broth

Dear Ginger Firestone: Precisely for being ourselves, that is “ticos”, is that we are living in this economic pot hole now. The cost of living, taxes and import duties, as you mentioned it, are ludicrously high. Taxes and duties are not efficiently collected and the greater part of that money is stolen by government related companies that dodge taxes. You probably paid about 6-8 times the real cost for your property, and poor people in your area did not get a single cent of that. We are being sued for billions of dollars by overseas companies whose contracts were signed “under the table” by the government, in exchange for a juicy commission. All that wasted money goes to the pockets of a few government related families, while the rest of us sink down. We, the ticos, have kicked back and watched others committed these and other worse crimes for 30 years. Inadvertently, we have been living in a dictatorship of corruption and impoverishment and we are frankly tired of that. History is calling upon us, and next Sunday we shall set course to better seas. When we demote the current party in office, white collar thieves will be put in jail, right where they belong. Don’t be alarmed. We will still be ticos, but we will be better ticos.

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Jose Felix Ramirez

In this moment our contry need a president like Villalta.No fear to the change.

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Dear fellows,

I know your worried for your money and your businesses, those are your goals, But We are also worried about our money, that’s why we want something different, but there also something else: THE PEOPLE, we need education, social security, labor protection… and this is the only one that fights for our goals.

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Ginger Firestone

I’ve been reading all the comments. I am without a clue about this counties needs and political system. I am an American living here. I came to get away from what the USA is becoming. Big government kills motivation to become all you can be. It’s much easier to sit on your behind and let someone else take care of you. Call it socialism, communism, whatever, but it’s not good for free people. One of you wrote about wanting a house but the Americans have all the good land. There are properties available all over the place. Where were you when the land you say was so good, was for sale? I bought last year. I am in the jungle between La Flor and Chitaria. There are 3 houses for sale here. My property was for sale for years before I bought it – if you wanted it, you had plenty of opportunity. I am not here to change Costa Rica. I came because I liked the way it is. Sure, there are problems. Every country in the world has problems. This isn’t Heaven. It was once said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Self responsibility should be a goal, not depending on someone else to take care of you. Of course there are exceptions – like those disabled, but that should be the exception, not the rule. The cost of living here is the 2nd highest in Cental America. Your taxes are extremely high. The cost of imported items are high because of the duty to bring them here. This is a wonderful country, I wouldn’t suggest you try to copy any other country – be yourselves. Oh, and don’t think that if you got rid of all the corporations here that life would be better. Even fewer jobs and taxes would be coming in. It’s usually better to stop the wasted money than try to tax yourselves out of debt.

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Susetty Salas

No es economista, es abogado, pero tiene un buen grupo profesional detras de èl,entre ellos grandes economistas, por lo tanto no esta solo.

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Susetty Salas

– Sabemos que CR tiene muchas prioridades en este momento, pero una de las más importantes es terminar con la corrupción del PLN que hemos tenido durante tantos años, y hacer que pasen a la historia junto al PUSC, necesitamos un cambio verdadero, NO A MEDIAS. Alguien valiente que no le de miedo hacer lo que tiene que hacer para terminar con los favores politicos a los que nos han llevado los gobiernos del PUSC y PLN y que hemos pagado tan caros.
Ahora… ¿Por que SI voy a votar por Villalta y por que el FA tiene hoy tanto apoyo?
Las razones son muchas y pienso que cualquiera que se ha intentado informar ya las sabe, pero igual las voy a repetir:

+ Hace 4 años vote para diputado por Villalta, y no me defraudó, hizo un gran trabajo dentro y fuera de la Asamblea.
Siempre me ha gustado la propuesta del Frente Amplio desde que José Merino fundó el partido. Siempre lo he considerado una buena opción de voto aunque en anteriores elecciones no habia tenido tanta fuerza como ahora.

+ Villalta fue asesor de Jose Merino. Merino quedó como mejor diputado de su periodo. Ahora Villalta también fue elegido como mejor diputado 2008-2014.

+ Villalta impulsó el proyecto que declara imprescriptibles las deudas de los patronos con la CCSS para fortalecer el cobro y generar más ingresos para la caja. Proyecto que el PLN y ML buscan eliminar

+ Luchó junto a muchos de nosotros para no permitir que Monsanto entrara con sus transgenicos a CR.

+ Denunció y estuvo con nosotros en la calle defendiendo a CR en contra de una concesión ilegal en la construcción de la carretera a San Ramon que el PLN había dado a la compañía brasileña OAS y que buscaba saquear el dinero de todos nosotros para beneficio de una empresa extranjera. Concesión que fue detenida en gran parte gracias a Villalta.

+ Fue de los primeros en oponerse totalmente al aumento salarial que querian hacerse los diputados al comienzo de este gobierno.

+ Luchó contra el proyecto de Mineria a Cielo Abierto en Crucitas que afectaría el ecosistema del lugar.

+ Ha defendido las zonas costeras, defendió a los estudiantes para que pudieran seguir fotocopiando libros que no podian pagar, defiende al PANI, a nuestros agricultores, a la comunidad LGBT para que tengan los mismos derechos que todos, defiende nuestro medio ambiente que es lo más importante que tenemos, apoya la ley contra el maltrato animal.
Y la lista puede seguir…

+ Para los que hemos salido a las calles a protestar por cualquiera de las causas anteriores, sabemos que Villalta es el único que SIEMPRE ha estado de nuestro lado.

A todo esto le podemos sumar que es una persona JOVEN. Con otra mentalidad totalmente diferente a la del resto de politicos, no viene de la escuela del PLN/PUSC. Es alguien que quiere a CR tanto como nosotros.

Por todo eso, mi voto es para ‪#‎FrenteAmplio‬ y no para el ‪#‎PAC‬

‪#‎SiHayPorQuienVotar‬ ‪#‎JoseMariaVillalta‬ ‪#‎VillaltaPresidente‬ ‪#‎votohit‬

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This man will destroy Costa Rica. I can promise I won’t expand my business here if he wins.

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Ah, to be so young, except for the short memory of the Nicaraguaian experience of school children being murdered by American troops in the Ronald Reagan ‘suppression’ of ‘communism’
Aka protecting the interests of American business monopoly

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To Benjamin and all those alike, if you want to own a house then work and save pup for it, all that you want is a government handout and to the one that mentions the scandinavian countries, why don’t you go and live there where for a 1 dollar that you earn so hard you give 8o cents to support the royal family and the rest of the welfare state, be my guest. Oh by the way if you do not like walmart and pizza hut then don’t go at least you have a choice. The model which people like want to implant is to force me to be like you and that will not fly Ralph.

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We need to fight for Costa Rica future its time to fight the rich that control everything. I want to own a house but all the US citizens have all the good land.

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People easily mention Cuba and Venezuela but I don’t see mention of highly successful countries like Denmark, Taiwan that are small like CR, have excellent democratic / social governments. Why aren’t people willing to look at coutries that are doing great. Do they really think that the USA is a good model for Costa Rica – just turn over everything to the corporations – now there’s something to worry about – there will be only Walmart and Pizza Hut. The corporations already have taken over the roads, the power generation and are trying to get control of the water – Think!

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Colin Brownlee

Nice to see some rational people posting.

This is what you get when you have huge segments of the population that don’t have much education and will buy sound bites. Look at the US with the Tea Party… Same sort of thing, catering to uneducated poor people who don’t understand how the world or government works.

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Johnny Araya and his team will say anything to win. It is high time to put a stop to all this cronyism and catering to to the rich. Costa Rica has a tremendous opportunity to make some fundamental changes and move beyond business as usual.
A vote for Villalta is a vote to make Costa Rica a better country and an amazing place to live, not a place for cronyism and corruption.

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All these fine people are so idealistic and clueless; Costa Rica is flirting with social dynamics that will destroy this fine country.
Every case in the world that have appealed to this underpasses has failed.
3- Ecuador
7-North Korea’
8-China although unique but still major government corruption.
I guess there are some more.

Villata has used the bully pulpit to say some truths, CR lacks a good transportation system, buildings like the Hospital Mexico is dilapidated although inside excellent medicince is practiced. The cronyism, the corruption the unemployment is all true, so give him credit to bring to the debate but no his brand of social populism and distribution of wealth is and now growing the state apparatus will be a disaster. Always as history has shown the (artist, social misfits) all show up since they themselves are angry at the economic structure of the country. Guevarra is the only way out.

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I agree with you Ricardo

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He has good intentions and i am all for younger people in Government, but he has no CLUE about Economics 101! He will put this country back 10 years by de-privatizing the country and giving more systems back to the Government, it will cost this country millions and millions and in the end the people could get screwed, unless he truly can remove all corruption from the Government, which won’t happen because the people are just as corrupt.

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Steven J. Caamano

Costa Rican tend to believe anything they hear and that is the case with most of the folks that participated in this rally. If they were to ask, for example, what exactly Jose Villalta proposes, what are the economical short and long term consequences, why he proposed it and what is the inspiration of his proposed changes, or when and how he will pay for the increase in burocracy, these folks will quietly drop in the garbage their flags, t-shirts and stickers and hope that nobody remember their stupid mistake…

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JMV is a candidate with a clean bill (much different that our libertarian buddy). He has fought in the streets, with the people and for the people. I really hope he wins and brings some credibility to our soon to fail state.

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This people have good intentions but sadly they have no idea of the mess they are getting us into. Villalta is a danger for Costa Rica, he’s a communist camaleon repressed “Revolutionary Robin Hood” guy that has no clue about our economy, our reality as a globalized country and the potential we have to be a first world country. Villalta declares himself a socialist, so let’s play his game. The latest socialist president we had 30+ years ago was Rodrigo Carazo, whom raised inflation to an horrific 90% (Today’s 5%) and unemployment broke records with 50%, that’s what the socialist/comunist party did to our Costa Rica in the past, I don’t want that again. Call it “Fear Campaign” or whatever hashtag you want to use for your “illuminati conspiracy theories” but my vote is for Otto Guevara, he’s an economic genius, he understands the potential we have and he gets what the reality of Costa Rica is and how important is for us to adapt to it instead to go back 30 years in times to an economy of just coffee and bananas like Villalta thinks. A big NO for Villalta #ThereAreWaaaayBetterOptions

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