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Scam Alert: Kolbi customers receiving fraudulent text messages

The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) alerted its customers this week about fraudulent text messages sent to Kolbi cellphones that automatically added charges to the accounts of those who responded.

According to ICE’s César Alpízar, the bogus texts say “Llámame con urgencia” in Spanish and “Urgent, call me” in English. Customers who respond are directed to a pay-by-the-minute phone line and automatically charged for the duration of the call. Alpízar said the text messages are coming from international phone numbers in Africa and Oceania.

ICE is warning all customers not to respond to the text messages and to report them to an ICE operator by calling 1155.

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Their their now….Perhaps Mathew could take some spelling lessons.

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Sorry but this just shows how clueless and detached people are in today’s society, when you see a number with a 5 digit area code…WHY would you dial it? These 25k people are the reason Nigerian scammers keep scamming, these 25k people are the ones who click links in spam and phishing emails.

I can only HOPE they learn there lesson of stupidity and open there eyes and learn to read things before doing things.

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Jeannie Combden

Thanks for the heads up … Not sure if I would have fell for it… but now I know and won’t!!

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