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Costa Rica's most famous soccer club reveals a new look

Costa Rica’s popular soccer club Saprissa had a grand unveiling of their new uniforms and clothing line.

At Saprissa Stadium on Friday night, fans had themselves a walk-off as the moradistas revealed redesigned duds. Saprisssa de Corazón’s Facebook page has an album of the fashion show.  The storied Costa Rican team plans to debut the uniforms Sunday during a home game against Limón FC. 

Saprissa emblazoned a golden silhouette of a bat over the club’s classic red wine color. The bat commemorates the 100-year anniversary of the team’s hometown of Tibas, a northern suburb of San José. The former name of the city included the world  murciélago – the Spanish word for bat.

Via Saprissa de Corazón Facebook page

The other big change is that the Saprissa “S” moved to the center of the jersey. I like the Superman comparison. The “S” always belongs the chest. Others disagreed. What do you think of the look?  

(Bimbo means something else. Bimbo is an enormous Mexican bread company that sponsors Saprissa.)

Via Saprissa de Corazón Facebook page

Via Saprissa de Corazón Facebook page

Via Saprissa de Corazón Facebook page


As always, the goalie jerseys have the coolest form.  


Via Corazón de Saprissa Facebook page

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I respect Tico Times “North American” mentality of editorial style, but it doesn’t make it correct. Fernando is so right, and I have to support him.

If one says “football” down under in New Zealand (Oceania), or up over on the other side of the English speaking world in the UK (Europe), the term does NOT refer to any other sport. Football is the standard international English name, except in the USA.

Maybe for the sake of all readers, Tico Times could call the sport “Soccer-Football or Soccer/Football” for clarity and to recognize international English norms.

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There are no soccer teams in C.R.
We play football, that’s the sport’s official name in more than 200 football associations around the world, all of them part of the “Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)” the governing body since 1904.
…One more observation: it’s “Saprissa de Corazón” not Corazón de Saprissa.

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Matt Levin

Thanks Fernando. The captions have been corrected. The Tico Times’ style is to call the sport “soccer” in general, unless we’re referring to an official name. For example, we translate FEDEFUT as the “Costa Rican Football Federation.”

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I’m curious as the the country of origin in the manufacture of the new jerseys?
China? Bangladesh? Or could it possibly be Costa Rica??

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Daniel Volz

Can’t say I feel comfortable with the design.

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